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Ocean Scene Part 2

Getting close to the final render. Here is the scene, in cycles as shown in the view port. Compositing is next with the final render tomorrow or the next day


I know the scene is a little noisy right now but I captured the screen shot at only 18 out of 35 samples. I will do the final render with the ocean planes at a resolution of 20, 16 and 12 with 2000 samples. That should yield a good render going into compositing.


I finished a new tutorial this afternoon after taking a couple weeks off. Boy did I miss playing around with Blender and watching the new and exciting images that come forth when I make the slightest adjustment to the settings. I also downloaded a new Bible program and promise keep up to date with both my reading and learning new processes daily.

On to the new pic….

This picture used the depth of field

Creating a Battery

As I said yesterday, I completed a tutorial from Johnathan Williamson creating a battery in blender, rendering in Lux Render.

I have not had any experience with Lux Render so I elected to use the Cycles render engine within Blender 2.63. Cycles does not have the default materials Lux Render has but I was able to create a semi-realistic copper material for the top. I think the results are acceptable 🙂


Soccer Ball

I did this quick Soccer Ball tutorial this morning. It was a little tedious at some points but learned quite a bit about different selection techniques. Below is in image of my screen showing you the number of faces. The selection techniques used during this tutorial made the process a great learning tool.

Some final Renders Below

During this next weekend I will create another tutorial for placement on YouTube highlighting the various selection methods used in this tutorial.

If find creating tutorials such as those detailing different techniques to accomplish the same tasks allow me to better remember them. I create the video in my mind first, then record the actual video (sometime multiple times). When the recording is complete the editing of the final addition takes place requiring about 2-3 times the actual recording time. Then I watch the complete video 3 – 4 times listening for things I may have forgotten. The final video is then rendered and watched again for errors one last time and posted to YouTube. That is roughly 10 times the video runs through my head. Plenty of time for cementing the information into my memory.

I also completed another tutorial by Johnathan Williamson, ‘Creating a Battery’, from last year before Cycles was in trunk. He used Lux Render, a program I am not at all familiar with so I used Cycles and it turned out wonderful. I will post those pictures tomorrow.

Interior Architecture Scene

Interior Architecture Scene – Tutorial by Johnathan Williamson

Architecture Visualization

This is one of my favorite tutorials by Mr. Williamson. Earlier in the year CG Cookie conducted a survey asking us users how they could improve and what items we would like to learn more about. This tutorial covered every item I requested in one shot, not to mention I had a great time completing it.

I know the lighting and color is a bit washed out and I think I can improve the quality with a few adjustments to the settings. Not to mention I could not locate the texture bundled with the tutorial for the chair and tried creating my own and that (color) seems to be the culprit. Within the next few days I’ll locate a better/darker texture and post again.