Temple Part 03a

No new pictures for you today as the image is very similar to yesterday. I added some architectural features on the top, added an additional top slab so it looks a little like a sandwich (you will see what I mean when I post again with a new picture). The architectural features were placed between the upper and lower parts of the roof. I’m sorry but you will have to wait and see. 🙂

Note: Tonight I am going to install the 30 trial of Maya 2013 🙂 to play only. 30 days does not seem long enough.

Temple Part 02

As you can see in this screen shot there is not much different from yesterday. This is the first time using duplifaces and his explanation of what they are and how they work was a little confusing. I will do better tonight with listening and hopefully understanding what he is saying.

Last night I also downloaded the 30 day trial version of Maya 2013 for looking at / experimenting with and no I do not plan on purchasing a $4000.00 program, I just want the experience with this application.

Ocean Scene Part 4

Well, I did not get the final render last night 🙁 . I had some problems getting the alpha channel to show up on my input nodes. After finally getting that fixed I was able to continue but my bedtime started to approach and I had to quit. Here is the node setup so far.

I am not exactly happy with the way Johnathan’s node set up is working however, I will complete this scene using his technique and then try Andrew’s and compare the two.

I did look closer at the screen shot and studying the image in the lower left you can see a very hard line indicating the horizon and in the top composited image that line has been almost completely removed. This was the intended result and not as bad as I originally indicated. I will still complete this with Andrew’s technique and compare.

Ocean Scene Part 3

I was not able to finish the final render last night, it was going to take to long to render the .exr files I would need for compositing (1.5 hrs) so I rendered while I went to bed and I will finish up tonight. Here is the first render and starting of the compositing.

First Render

Compositing in Blender

You will notice, on the left side I have to input nodes one for the alpha channel and one for the full .exr image. However, in the tutorial the top node (full image) has all the outputs I need for the composite so I’m not sure if I really need the second (lower) node. This is the difference between the version the tutorial was created from and my version. Changes are made to Blender on a daily basis 🙂

I can also see a line between the ocean modifiers resolution (20 and 16). I may have to up the 16 a little bit to eliminate that line. I’ll finish compositing before I do that.

Ocean Scene Part 2

Getting close to the final render. Here is the scene, in cycles as shown in the view port. Compositing is next with the final render tomorrow or the next day


I know the scene is a little noisy right now but I captured the screen shot at only 18 out of 35 samples. I will do the final render with the ocean planes at a resolution of 20, 16 and 12 with 2000 samples. That should yield a good render going into compositing.

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