Started Packing

I started packing away all my computers and game consoles last night and will finish up tonight. I should be able to have everything just about ready to go by tonight or maybe Thursday evening with the exception of things I want to take but have nowhere to pack them such as the dishes and utensils they gave me here at the hotel. I should be able to find a box or something by the time I move on Friday or Saturday.


I spend the weekend looking for a new place to live. I was going to head to Tulsa and stay at the Studio 6 but at the last minute a friend of mine told me about all the drug trafficking that happens there and I changed my mind. I did find a nice place about a mile and a half from where I am now and they agreed to the amount I want to pay per night. It will be a done deal by the end of this week and I will move Friday afternoon or Saturday.

Knife Tool

I was able to correctly use the knife tool in Blender last night. It was a matter of pressing ‘E’ when I made one cut and continue with the additional cuts. When complete, press ‘E’ then ‘Enter’ to complete the knife tool and all cuts become real edges and vertices which you can the manipulate as need to correct any placement errors. Easy Piesey as Sam Axe would say.

Not much to see here

I did not do much last night except for creating the blocks for the next control panels (top and bottom) and tried a little with the knife cut (bmesh) this morning. It did not work like I was hoping because I was using it wrong and not looking at the status line which would have helped a lot. When I arrived at work this morning I watched a brief tutorial by Johnathan Williamson on the knife tool and found my mistakes. I will be back at it when I get home with my new found information.

Spaceship Corridor Part 02

I worked a little on the Spaceship Corridor last night, using the tips by Andrew for adding the control panels and it lowered the file size considerably from 10.2meg to 2.6meg. This was done by duplicating the mesh using <alt> + “d” rather than <shift> +”d” and NOT joining them to the mesh. I also changed the location of the control panels by placing them on the vertical wall and will create some new ones for the lower surface. These panels will all be the same with monitors and key pads for the ‘people’ residing on the spaceship. I am not sure what to do with the upper surface yet.

I was using the Release Candidate of Blender version 2.64 and noticed an increase in speed along with other intangibles I can’t really seem to put my finger on but the experience was a good one. I will put this release candidate through some gyrations I had found to crash the other versions and see how stable this is.

I was able to blend only ‘briefly’ last night because I had downloaded the movie Avatar from iTunes intending to watch just the beginning but it was such a great movie I watch in its entirety and LOVED it!

Screen Shot after changing the control panels.

Just another Monday

Yesterday was ‘just another Monday’ with the exception I had meetings all day and will continue throughout the week for ‘Electronic Work Instructions’ for which I care nothing about. With that said, I will not be attending the meetings with the work I need to get done by Friday I really do not have the time.

I did not get to Blend any yesterday because Angie was here from St. Louis with her cousin and came over for about an hour or so. All I had time for was dinner and bed which means off to Blendering I will be going as soon as I get home tonight.

Temple and Spaceship Corridor

New image for the Temple project with the missing compositing. I had forgotten to link the output of the color balance to the composite node. The next picture is of the corridor as it is coming along so far.

The next items on the list for the Spaceship corridor are the control panels on the left and right bulkhead walls.

Temple Final render with the missing compositing

Spaceship Corridor screen shot

Temple and Spaceship Corridor

I completed the Temple and I am not that happy with the way it turned out. The modeling is great but the compositing (I made a couple of changes), background and materials are what I am not happy about. Those changes will be for he weekend along with the Ocean Scene.

The Spaceship Corridor is coming along with the bulkhead walls finished (for now) and an array modifier added.

Photos: Screen shot of the Final Temple render, screen shot the node group for the Temple render and Spaceship Corridor.

Edit: Just noticed the Vignette is missing from this render, I am going to have to fix this.

Final Temple Render (2000 samples)

Screen shot of Temple Node Group

Screen shot of Spaceship Corridor

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