I forgot yesterday

I spent most of the morning trying to finish the unemployment process. I takes some time and I’m still not sure if I finished it all. I was to register and then go into my profile and finish that up. I did everything necessary, but I will go back in today and make sure I have everything updated and starts some job searches. I have to do that twice a week and renew the application every week. I will also check the actual requirements, so I don’t mess up. I have never done this before.

Two weeks

It has been two weeks since I was laid off and now, as soon and the election is over it will be time to start looking for jobs again.

I think I paid my rent yesterday but can’t really remember but I’m sure I did. I entered an amount in my spreadsheet.

I have been laid off

Yes, as of last Tuesday 8-20-2020 I no longer have a job. I’ll be taking a week or so off and then start diligently looking for a new job. Preferably around here but if I must contract out of state I will.

My nerves really started getting to me and I was extremely sick to my stomach for a few days but that has passed and I need to keep my attitude positive.

Last Day at work is tomorrow. Please pray something happens before then

Well, as of this writing, tomorrow will me my last day at work (layoff happened). It was a fun ride, but I was completely screwed by people not actually knowing what they were doing so I will not blame them.

On to new things. Savings, severance, unemployment and a withdraw from 401K should tide me over for the holidays and then due diligence in finding a new position here in Tulsa hopefully.

My boss told my last Thursday not to worry. With that in mind when I was sent an invite to a meeting with HR for an exit meeting, I declined the meeting. HR did not like that so the next day I went ahead and accepted the meeting. Keep fingers and toes crossed and pray, pray, pray.

Great cameras to set up

The GoPro Hero 9 came out and I did not hear a thing about it. Let us look at exactly why I purchased this with only looking at one review

  1. The first reason was the vlogger. He is one I trust very much and when he recommended the camera it was a no brainer.
  2. Replaceable lens. This was a deal breaker for me with the Hero 8 and the single main reason I did not purchase that camera.
  3. The Hero 9 has the same built in GoPro mounts as the Hero 8 and Max. I love those but some did not.
  4. Front facing screen, finally GoPro.
  5. The stabilization is as good as the Max and the best on the market for an action camera.
  6. Horizon leveling from the Max is available.
  7. … the number one reason is you can use the camera as a webcam! This was the reason I purchased the Sony ZV-1. (Is there a dummy battery for the GoPro’s…. don’t know)

There are many other features I’ll talk about some other time after I test and check them out. Hindsight, Time warp with the ability to switch to normal, and back in the same video. Record duration and a record start time if you don’t want to remember when to get up or start your recording.

I now have three Hero’s, one Max, one Insta360 One R, the Osmo Action, the Osmo Pocket and the KanDao Qoocam 8K although the Pocket and Qoocam are not action cameras. Add to these my Sony a6400, a6600 and ZV1. That would be eleven cameras I can set around the room while I am making a video and switch between views without having to reset cameras all the time while using the Rode Go or my other wireless mic.

I also have more work to do for another site, one in Michigan and this is a lot of work, > 600hrs worth of work.

helping out another site

I have been helping another site lately and the team thing does not seem to be working. When I say that I mean, the ‘team’ isn’t doing much work. I seem to be the only one working. In fact, the leader of my part of the team made the comment that I am a one man show so far.

I hope this effort allows me to keep a job with the company.

New site covering miscellaneous activities including my favorite activity: Blender