Almost there…..

One more weekend until I get to start my Christmas vacation. I will go in briefly Monday the 16th for about 8 hours making sure everything is up to date and all is well for me to take off and poof I will be gone.

This weekend I did not ride the Lectic bike, I neglected to charge the batteries and also forgot I have extra. Frankly I remembered about the extra batteries as I wrote this. What a dumb ass.

My Hello Fresh meal this weekend consisted of Dreamy Creamy Mushroom Cavatappi and yes it was great.

Dreamy Creamy Mushroom Cavatappi
Dreamy Creamy Mushroom Cavatappi

Thanksgiving was a bust….

I had agreed to spend Thanksgiving with Sam and his family this year. His cousin opens his restaurant every year and gives all customers free Thanksgiving dinners. I’m not sure what exactly happened but there was no customers in the building when we arrived.

We were seated in a corner booth and served one very small serving each of ‘shredded’ turkey, stuffing mashed potatoes and gravy. This was served on paper plates and water to drink. Sam’s and his son barely touched their plates and they asked for a take home box. Sam’s wife did not touch a think on her plate and said she was full and asked for a take home box. I, out of the four of us is the only one who finished their plate.

It was entirely uncomfortable and I will not be doing that next year if asked.

Bummer, pretty much put a damper on the entire weekend.

Back to the blender beginning

Now that I have begun to establish the new routine or more like, ‘The new normal’ it is time for me to get back to what this site was all about in the beginning, Blender. I’ll start relegating the additional posts about health etc. to other sections of the site but leave the main theme as Blender modeling.

It was a great weekend again.

I rode another 13 miles, keeping with my goal of increasing the mileage per ride each time out. This will stop of course but I’ll keep increasing until 20 – 25 miles per ride is reached.

My DJI Mavic Mini finally arrived on Friday. What a great little drone. I charged everything up and waited to take flight for the first time Saturday morning. It flew like a champ indoors, very steady. I kept it in cinematography mode indoors to keep the speeds down. I was quite impressed. My favorites are still the Mavic Pro series and the air (speed and flight modes)

I had a great time cooking again with Hello Fresh. Saturday I made Sirloin steak with mashed potatoes, the potatoes were not quite firm but firm enough but that was my fault. I have pics to post but the masking was not up to what I feel was good so I’ll post when I get a good mask done.

Sunday I made two items, Sesame Tacos that were FANTASTIC.  I kept that recipe to make again and again it was so good. The second was a roasted chicken with a crunch parmesan crust and spaghetti with a cream cheese and tomato (grape size) sauce. That also was very good. Pics are coming of those as well.

Speak of pics, I had my new lights and field monitor in use for these shots and I think they turned out pretty good. Next I need to learn to set the custom white balance and maybe set the camera angle a bit different, possibly try directly from the top.

Only three days of work this week and all of those are going to be a little slow. After that I have two weeks and one day until three weeks off for Christmas. I am starting to get into the Christmas mood and will be setting up some new decorations this year. I have not purchase yet but will during my Thanksgiving four day weekend and maybe hit some of those black Friday and cyber Monday sales.

Pics coming, I promise.

New Computer

When I tried to update graphics drivers on my Surface Pro 3 this week I was presented with the wonderful news that my computer was no longer capable of updating to the latest drivers.

Off I went to Microsoft and purchased a new Surface Pro 7. This computer is a beast. 16gig of memory, the latest i7 processor and a 1tb SSD. When running Media Encoder for the 360 bike ride videos and creating some proxy files so Premier Pro would play without skipping frames the process took over an hour and 30 minutes. Do in the same process with the new computer took less than 10 minutes. It was great.

This weekend was partially spent loading all the software for the new computer and sitting side by side with the home computer I was able to get both start screens exactly the same.

To, hopefully, complete all my camera purchases on Amazon I am getting a ‘set’ of light boxes, two of them battery operated, and I received 5.5″ and 7″ field monitors for the camera. The lights will be here Tuesday and the monitors arrived on Saturday.

Bike Ride: I took another ride on Sunday (Saturday was spend updating computer). This one was for 9+ miles with a 45 minute digital Peloton workout included.

Hello fresh this weekend included a plant based (veggie) burger and a hoison pork burger. Both very good with picture of the pork burger coming as soon as I do the Photoshop magic. I haven’t done last weeks yet.

I still have two Hello Fresh steaks to cook sometime this week. I need to get on the Peloton today so the steaks may come tomorrow or later this week. On second thought I’ll freeze the steaks and have them on Friday.

Love this bike

Saturday I went for a ride about 2:00pm. I spent a half hour out on the bike with all my gadgets all hooked up; phone, action camera (GoPro Max), phone charger and smart helmet.

This time around all accessories on the bike worked great. The only problems were one, the action camera holder came loose and was not upright the entire ride. The second which make the first completely moot is that I had the settings on the camera wrong, shutter speed was set to 1/60th of a second which is too long for how bright is was. The footage was completely blown out and unusable.

Sunday went much better. I corrected the problem with the camera mount. It wasn’t actually the camera mount but the handle bar extension mount and I corrected he camera settings. This time the footage came out great. All 58 minutes of it. Yes, that is right, I as out almost an hour and had a fantastic time.

Two rides over the weekend totaling 15+ miles and used about 1/2 of the battery. That looks to be close to 30 miles on a charge. I spent most of the time on PAS (Pedal Assist) level 2. Level 1 will keep you at approximately 8 – 10 miles per hour. Level 2 keeps riding at a good clip of 11.5 – 12 miles per hour. I jumped it up to level 3 a couple of times and I would rapidly accelerate to 20+ miles per hour. If I leave it at level 1 and 2 I could probably top 30 miles on a charge.  I also pushed it using only the throttle and not pedaling for just a small portion of the rides to see what it would do.

I cooked up some more Hello Fresh this weekend. I’ll post a picture of the hot and sweet chicken when I get the picture masked and adjusted in Photoshop.



Hello Fresh

I was given the opportunity to start a supscription to Hello Fresh. This is a food delivery service that delivers complete ‘ready to cook’ meals with all ingredients and instructions. I have to learn to keep some essential cooking ingrediants at the house like sugar, salt etc. but for the most part everything is there.

Here is a picture of the first meal I made Sunday morning.

Burgers from Hello Fresh

Had to delay my ride this weekend, I was going to ride on Saturday but my phone holder/charger was broken. I’m not sure when that happened but the I need the phone holder with me. I ordered a new one and when that arrives I’ll charge it up and hit the road.

More bike work done

I changed out the mirrors and seat. The seat because I was having so many problems last weekend and the mirrors because the ones I had ordered were do cheap.

New mirrors are nice and sturdy, the other would change positions with the wind while riding and they kept coming out of the handle bars.

The new seat, unlike the old one stayed in the position I placed it when the clamp was tightened. I also added some loctite between the pressure plates in the clamp as well. Hopefully ensuring the seat doesn’t’ move while riding. The seat also holds my anti theft alarm much better as well.

I also purchased some riding shorts, loose fitting that I can use my padded shorts with. I ordered the largest size they had, triple ‘X’, based on their size chart should have fit but they will still too freaking tight. This morning, Monday 10-21-2019 I ordered another pair of shorts, this time getting 5x. Waist size, miniumu 42 and max 57. These should fit. By the time I finally got the shorts and the mirrors put on it was too late in the afternoon to ride. The temp had also risen to a point where it would have been uncomfortable riding in my jeans.

I also made some lateral adjustments to the phone holder allowing better access to the Osmo Action camera. In its previous position, the access door for the camera mount would rub against the phone holder. Not bad but moving it made everything that much better.

Better luck next weekend. The weather looks great and I am more than ready!

On another note, I tried to call Dad yesterday afternoon before bed and he still didn’t answer. He called back about 10:10pm, well past my bed time. Well, talk to you soon Dad.

Lectric Bike Arrived

Tuesday afternoon:

On Monday of last week thought about and created a list of accessories to purchase for my Lectric bike when it arrived. On Tuesday I had the feeling I needed to place my order now and at the same time I added a couple additional items. I changed the seat I put on the list and added an anti-theft alarm, a Rockbros bike rack trunk w/pannier, slime anti-flat tube sealant and an action camera mount.

Hopefully the handlebar extender I ordered will hold the phone holder and camera mount and possibly add the remote for the alarm as well.

When I got home on Tuesday I was making a salad for dinner and I received a phone call from the office asking if I was currently at home. Fedex was there and going to deliver a ‘big’ box. Whoo hoo! My bike has arrived! Since I had not heard from Lectric Bikes I was expecting an email from them tomorrow letting me know the tracking number and then delivery on Monday.

That’s why I had the feeling to order everything. At is stands most items will be arriving tomorrow with the balance coming on Thursday. After checking the weather for the weekend I think I will be doing some riding!

I am very excited. (I can’t believe ‘I’ actually said that).

P.S. I actually held off on opening the box until Wednesday afternoon when I can plan the location to film the unboxing and assembly. Total time should be about 30 minutes. 27 minutes to unbox and take off all the wrappings etc. and 3 to unfold and display.

Total time was about a half an hour to set unbox, unfold and set for proper display.

I spent almost the entire day Saturday adding all of the accessories I purchased. It took the entire day because of some fit issues. First the extension tube mounting bracket did not fit well. The handle bar tube seems to be on the small side and the width is quite narrow as well necessitating the use of the extension bar. I added a wraps of packing tape to increase the diameter of the handle bar for the extension bar which worked fantastic.

The Battery Bank phone holder and Action Camera holder were placed on that.

The cute little bell was moved to the other side of the handle bars finishing up the additions there. See the pics below for the final product.

Bike with new accessories attached

Here are all the attached accessories.

Side view showing back trunk/pannier

This bike, even though I have problems with the seat post and seat was so much fun to ride.

Bike should be here soon

I delayed the delivery of my Lectric Bike XP and can’t wait for delivery. I think by early next week. Monday I hope.

Today I made a list of accessories to purchase for the bike and the list is:

Smart Helmet
Phone Holder (With Charger)
Handlebar Extender
Bike Lock
New Wide Seat
Water bottle holder
Handlebar mirrors
Action Camera Mount

This list should do it for now. Can’t wait to get out and put it all to the test.

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