It was a good ride while it lasted

On Monday of last week I was informed of my impending layoff. HR from the company I work for called early morning and let me know I was getting a WARN notice. This being a 60 warning notice of layoff. My last day at this company will July 19th and they may elect to keep me another two weeks and have the layoff start at the end of July but I won’t hold my breath for that one.

There was a time when I thought upper management looked out for the company and did what they needed to in order to keep work flowing and not interrupted to any degree. I am most definitely not indispensable but there are things people rely on me to do with very quick turnaround. This won’t happen when I leave simply because by colleagues will not know who to ask for help, and the people they do ask for help simply will not have the account access to do the work and all of this upsets me very much.

On the home front, I will be getting 8 weeks of severance pay add to that my savings and then unemployment benefits and I will have quite a good amount of time to find a good job. I might have to contract for a little while before going direct.

I was able to finally get my Sony a6400 to work as a great web camera and using another HDMI switch, video transmitters, my GoPro Hero 7 and gimbal I will be able change cameras for walk arounds.

I have been having a great time keeping up with Blender and cooking. Below are some latest renders and just some of the latest meals I have been cooking.

Signing off for now, Me..

Latest - Beef Ragu Spaghetti
This was on of the best to date.
Apricot Chicken
I had made this before but this one turned out fantastic
Philly like Hoge
Philly Like Hoge – I did not have much hope for this however it was fantastic. Great the next day as well.
Getting Ready for ReMesh
I was having trouble with Blender freezing when in viewport render mode so I am remeshing with a smaller poly count and then adding the material back. Crossing fingers.


I am terrified to get on the scale. I have not been close to as active as I was before working at home but eating the same amount, possibly more. My pants are noticeably tighter and even Sam said something when we went shopping two Thursdays ago. Last Thursday I hardly bought any food, only chicken breasts and my Hello Fresh box was cooked and all meals placed into the refrigerator and eaten over time rather than at one sitting.

No more take out or delivery for me and I’ll be getting on the bike more often.

On another note, my great niece posted a new wedding date May 16th. Plenty of time to drop this weight gain.

Management help

Management help. When you give management an ECD and they want to provide help for you in order for you to meet their deadline. Their help will always result in a slow down of the processes and you not meeting your original deadline. Wonder when those incompetent bozos will understand that.

Conferenceing over the Web

I have been working on getting my Sony a6400 ready for use as a web camera.

First I tried using the 16mm f1.4 Sigma lens and its field of view was to wide for a web camera. I then tried my 16-55mm f3.5 kit lens with the aperture set to 30mm and it seemed to be great. Next I did some recordings testing the cameras internal mic and my Rode Wireless GO mic attached to my H1n recorder and with the GO attached to the camera with the amp on the camera set to 1. I have not viewed these yet to see which audio set up I prefer.

What I did not like about the kit lens set up is when I turned the camera off the lens would reset to 16mm and I would have to manually adjust back to 30mm every time I wanted to vlog.

Now the good part of the kit lens resetting. I turned the camera back on to vlog again and when setting the field of view I was not looking at the aperture setting, just the screen and the setting I liked the best ended up being 20mm and I have a 20mm f2.8 Sony pancake lens! I put this lens on the camera, added a 49 -82mm filter adapter and added my Tiffen variable ND filter. Set the camera to 30fps 4K and 1/60 shutter speed and it looks great! After I get the audio set the way I want I’ll take a picture of my set up.

Now, once all that is done I will start working with Zoom conferencing software.

Working from home is not what I thought

Working from home is great. I get the hours complete, continuing to work 8hrs per day and am not working any overtime.

I was very happy I completed the engineering changes before I started working from home.

The one think I was looking forward to while working from home is the free time I would have to work on Blender models, Python programing etc.. Unfortunately I have not done any of those things. When I’m don’t working I am more tired working from home than I was working at the office. Figure that one out.

Social Distancing – Gov Sends Millions out to banks

The government put together a massive package to help the population financially during this pandemic. The also asked the population to be safe, flatten the curve so to speak yet they are sending millions of Americans checks of up to 1200.00 to help them. Why not a debit card loaded with the funds? They are now going to send millions of people to the bank at roughly the same time! Social distancing my ass. Like I said, be smart and direct deposit or send debit cards.

Working From Home

Last week I was working from home because of this COVID-19 virus. Today I learned that I may be working from home for the next month. That isn’t so bad because I get to bank an additional 1600.00 because I’m not riding into work with Sam. Sorry about Sam though. I know this really hurts him.

Here is the statement I keep reading IN ALL media, why don’t people understand?

The vast majority of people who contract the virus recover within weeks. It causes only mild or moderate symptoms for most people, but it can lead to more severe illness, including pneumonia, especially in older adults and people with preexisting health problems. Is there a problem with the term “vast majority”?

Last Thursday I received my work laptop from Jasmine and was told to work from home until further notice.

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