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Working from home is not what I thought

Working from home is great. I get the hours complete, continuing to work 8hrs per day and am not working any overtime.

I was very happy I completed the engineering changes before I started working from home.

The one think I was looking forward to while working from home is the free time I would have to work on Blender models, Python programing etc.. Unfortunately I have not done any of those things. When I’m don’t working I am more tired working from home than I was working at the office. Figure that one out.

Back from Vacation and then Crud strikes

That is correct. I arrived back from my Seattle vacation on Tuesday only to fall victim to the flu on Wednesday afternoon. Missed another two days of work and pretty much the entire weekend trying to recover enough to get back on my feet. This reminded me of two years ago when I had to cancel my trip to Seattle because of the flu.

As soon as I am back on my feet and able to work more in Blender and pull all my pictures out of the video I’ll post all of those. I was able to shoot quite a bit of video and I also got to fly the Mavic Mini as well.

Back to catching up on work emails….. I’m leaving early…..

Vacation Starts – To…..morrow

That is correct, my vacation will be starting tomorrow. I am however going in to work this morning for about 8 hours to make sure everything is ok and up to date.

Weekend cooking included some Jack Burgers and boi were they great!

Monterey Jack Burgers

Not sure how much I will post the rest of the year but will try


Back to the Blender page as it was supposed to be starting in January.

Almost there…..

One more weekend until I get to start my Christmas vacation. I will go in briefly Monday the 16th for about 8 hours making sure everything is up to date and all is well for me to take off and poof I will be gone.

This weekend I did not ride the Lectic bike, I neglected to charge the batteries and also forgot I have extra. Frankly I remembered about the extra batteries as I wrote this. What a dumb ass.

My Hello Fresh meal this weekend consisted of Dreamy Creamy Mushroom Cavatappi and yes it was great.

Dreamy Creamy Mushroom Cavatappi
Dreamy Creamy Mushroom Cavatappi

Thanksgiving was a bust….

I had agreed to spend Thanksgiving with Sam and his family this year. His cousin opens his restaurant every year and gives all customers free Thanksgiving dinners. I’m not sure what exactly happened but there was no customers in the building when we arrived.

We were seated in a corner booth and served one very small serving each of ‘shredded’ turkey, stuffing mashed potatoes and gravy. This was served on paper plates and water to drink. Sam’s and his son barely touched their plates and they asked for a take home box. Sam’s wife did not touch a think on her plate and said she was full and asked for a take home box. I, out of the four of us is the only one who finished their plate.

It was entirely uncomfortable and I will not be doing that next year if asked.

Bummer, pretty much put a damper on the entire weekend.

New Computer

When I tried to update graphics drivers on my Surface Pro 3 this week I was presented with the wonderful news that my computer was no longer capable of updating to the latest drivers.

Off I went to Microsoft and purchased a new Surface Pro 7. This computer is a beast. 16gig of memory, the latest i7 processor and a 1tb SSD. When running Media Encoder for the 360 bike ride videos and creating some proxy files so Premier Pro would play without skipping frames the process took over an hour and 30 minutes. Do in the same process with the new computer took less than 10 minutes. It was great.

This weekend was partially spent loading all the software for the new computer and sitting side by side with the home computer I was able to get both start screens exactly the same.

To, hopefully, complete all my camera purchases on Amazon I am getting a ‘set’ of light boxes, two of them battery operated, and I received 5.5″ and 7″ field monitors for the camera. The lights will be here Tuesday and the monitors arrived on Saturday.

Bike Ride: I took another ride on Sunday (Saturday was spend updating computer). This one was for 9+ miles with a 45 minute digital Peloton workout included.

Hello fresh this weekend included a plant based (veggie) burger and a hoison pork burger. Both very good with picture of the pork burger coming as soon as I do the Photoshop magic. I haven’t done last weeks yet.

I still have two Hello Fresh steaks to cook sometime this week. I need to get on the Peloton today so the steaks may come tomorrow or later this week. On second thought I’ll freeze the steaks and have them on Friday.

Love this bike

Saturday I went for a ride about 2:00pm. I spent a half hour out on the bike with all my gadgets all hooked up; phone, action camera (GoPro Max), phone charger and smart helmet.

This time around all accessories on the bike worked great. The only problems were one, the action camera holder came loose and was not upright the entire ride. The second which make the first completely moot is that I had the settings on the camera wrong, shutter speed was set to 1/60th of a second which is too long for how bright is was. The footage was completely blown out and unusable.

Sunday went much better. I corrected the problem with the camera mount. It wasn’t actually the camera mount but the handle bar extension mount and I corrected he camera settings. This time the footage came out great. All 58 minutes of it. Yes, that is right, I as out almost an hour and had a fantastic time.

Two rides over the weekend totaling 15+ miles and used about 1/2 of the battery. That looks to be close to 30 miles on a charge. I spent most of the time on PAS (Pedal Assist) level 2. Level 1 will keep you at approximately 8 – 10 miles per hour. Level 2 keeps riding at a good clip of 11.5 – 12 miles per hour. I jumped it up to level 3 a couple of times and I would rapidly accelerate to 20+ miles per hour. If I leave it at level 1 and 2 I could probably top 30 miles on a charge.  I also pushed it using only the throttle and not pedaling for just a small portion of the rides to see what it would do.

I cooked up some more Hello Fresh this weekend. I’ll post a picture of the hot and sweet chicken when I get the picture masked and adjusted in Photoshop.



New Idea for Posting

This week I’m going to try a new method of creating my blog post.  I will be using my phone to dictate of via voice to Microsoft word and then from word I will copy and paste this document into my blog post.

So far this is working really well and I what I have to say so far is that this weekend has gone very well it’s only Saturday right now but I’m enjoying it very much a recap of last week will be following.

Saturday night did not go so well I was very sick and I got up 3 times and getting sick. It was very bad. Today being Sunday I was recuperating this morning from last night’s bout with the stomach flu. Today I have been using my camera with my new lens (20mm with ultra wide adapter) with the Crane M2. I’m getting better at using the gimbal and all of its different functions. I’m also in the process of charging all my batteries and need to figure out how I’m going to pack everything in my camera bag and what exactly am going to be taking with me on vacation.

This last week went but went fairly well Jasmine has been gone and I had been the boss for this entire week and all of next week. Dan told me that he and interview down in Texas for a new job contracting and then he told me had a interview this Monday the 16th at Nordam for an ME position and then he told me that he got the job for design engineering here in Tulsa. I’m not exactly sure what he is doing, I’m getting confused with his actions.  I think Dan is upset with Jasmine for some reason he finds her not trustworthy and is having a problem with the way she’s managing the group. I’m not sure I can agree with a lot of things that he says but he is my friend and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt with how he feels.

Jeff Raley went in for surgery on his cancer last week I think he is doing rather well although he is in an extreme amount of pain and having problems getting medication that will last for any length of time.

This week I need to get my medical screening done and get my expired Oklahoma ID renewed (I can do that the Monday after I get back).

I have decided that I’m going to create to E books to sell on Amazon one of those books is going to be a log book for drone flights and another book is going to be a log book for chess games. At least one of the book’s, the log book for drone flights will also accompany an app that I will create for yourself to track your flights, flight time, batteries, number of charges on each battery etc..

Right now I’m creating this blog post for my blender website using word and my Samsung phone and I just saw on a computer popup that the Seahawks are beating the Steelers right now! Go Seahawks. OK that was a little bit of an interruption but like I said I am using my voice to record my notes for my blog  tomorrow. I think this works really well.  Come Monday I will have a lot to post, I’ll have a lot to edit but I also have a lot to post.

I think this experiment worked quite well. I need to speak more clearly into the phone when dictating. I did have a lot of editing to do.

Second time was great

What I mean by ‘Second Time’ is last weekend was the second time I have gone without alcohol. I use to stop every Thursday afternoon at at the liquor store and purchase my drink of choice for the weekend. I would then end up finishing most of it off Friday evening and completing the bottle on Saturday morning. This would leave me tired and not wanting to do anything Saturday and at times Sunday. If I had a package coming on Saturday I would most of the time wait and pick it up from the office on Monday.

That all has changed now with me forgoing the weekly trip to the liquor store and heading cold turkey into the healthier and much more fun completely sober weekend.

I get more done, work on more things and just feel all around better about my drive to loose this extra weight. Hopefully I will be fitting better into my jeans by the time I head to SC to see my brother and this family. This two weeks away and should be plenty of time for the ‘lack’ of those extra calories to take effect.

I also purchased a new watch, coming today, a fenix 6 pro. Love those watches and this new lineup will have the Oxpulse, a new and improved heart rate monitors as well as syncing to music. Coming tomorrow will be a new tripod and a mini travel gimbal. I still need to figure out how to pack my camera bag.

Great Weekend but

Had another great weekend with all my new items for my vacation at the end of the month to So. Carolina (Camera bag and accessories). The big screw up was that my package of food from Freshly never arrived. Fedex said the delivered to my doorstep at 12:22 but I never received anything. Not receiving your package from Freshly seems to be the number one complaint.