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The one thing I have noticed with Carrie gone is I have more time to get some of my learning (Programming, Modeling (Blender), Modeling (Engineering) accomplished. New toy to purchase soon will be a 3D printer. Then start selling models for 3D printing. Could become a new hobby.

The new posting process I referred to is to create multiple posts and schedule them for future posting. This way I will be able to go through the entire year without missing a post on Monday. Last year was quite good and only missed four or five.

Carrie will be here tomorrow!

Yes, her panic attacks aside Carrie will be flying in tomorrow. I will meet her at the airport and stay home the next day as well just so she gets used to being here and I just might kiss her a little bit.

Had to do a little cleanup during the weekend because of this freaking cold or whatever it is.

Quick edit here. Carrie is on her way. I finished cleaning up in the this morning, it is now Tuesday and have things pretty much ready. She called me a bit ago and she missed her flight. I am quite sure this has her completely frazzled! She will be just fine. She knows I’ll be there when she arrives. She won’t be here till midnight now, five hours later than she should be but all will be ok.

Living room cleanup and new bit of furniture

I purchased a new portable computer table to get all my junk off the coffee table. This is just the right hight and will be easy to roll out of the way when I’m done with it. It also gives us a place to eat when Carrie gets here and a more organized living room for her. I don’t want anything around that could trigger any kind of panic attack.

The computer table is working better than I expected. The next Item to add to this will be an EcoFlow River power station to place on the bottom rack. That addition will make this a truly portable computer work station. Plug it up in the corner, when I need it next to me unplug the station, which had been charging and wheel it to my location. The power station should be able to power the computer cart for 15+ hours at a time.

Some of the best news ever! Last Wednesday I sent in my income taxes and on Monday my Oklahoma taxes arrived in my checking account and on Tuesday my federal taxes arrived. That is a record for Oklahoma and ties the record for Federal at four days. Four days might even be a record itself. This influx of money will help tremendously for Carries vacation.

Finished the first week of the year

The commitment is being kept. You heard that correctly. During this week I have been updating my Blender to 3.0 (I also updated to the current LTS version). Next is looking at pulling in my space ship corridor project I did with Andrew’s tutorial to the latest Blender. After that I need to see what I need to do to update materials and textures to work in eeve, get a render of that to post and place on my desk top. That will accelerate the desire to complete this first project.

I also started a new Python course on ‘Code with Mosh’. Like I said last week I already pay an annual fee for his all of his courses and I get them for 25%. Not a 25% discount but 25% what everyone else pays. I think I’m grandfathered in with that price. Whatever the reason, I’ll take it and finish all of his courses. Not all of them this year but a good percentage.

First four-day weekend of the new year with a new focus

Yes, this is the first four-day weekend of the year and my focus this year at home will be number one, Carrie. then the rest of the focus will be back on Blender and additionally, Unity 3D. Working together and I may throw a bit of Unreal in there as well.

The first thing I want to do I decide on a project. Marvin at work I think has given me that first project. I will be converting my spacecraft corridor for using with Blender 3.0 and Evee. That will be the first part of converting that background image into an animated screen saver.

That was the first step. The second step will be investigating how to convert the model. Most items will convert simply fine except for the materials and textures.

Additionally I think I will be hitting Code with Mosh hard this year as well. I’m paying for an annual membership for his courses and I think he is an outstanding teacher so I shall take advantage of that.

Working from home is not what I thought

Working from home is great. I get the hours complete, continuing to work 8hrs per day and am not working any overtime.

I was very happy I completed the engineering changes before I started working from home.

The one think I was looking forward to while working from home is the free time I would have to work on Blender models, Python programing etc.. Unfortunately I have not done any of those things. When I’m don’t working I am more tired working from home than I was working at the office. Figure that one out.

Back from Vacation and then Crud strikes

That is correct. I arrived back from my Seattle vacation on Tuesday only to fall victim to the flu on Wednesday afternoon. Missed another two days of work and pretty much the entire weekend trying to recover enough to get back on my feet. This reminded me of two years ago when I had to cancel my trip to Seattle because of the flu.

As soon as I am back on my feet and able to work more in Blender and pull all my pictures out of the video I’ll post all of those. I was able to shoot quite a bit of video and I also got to fly the Mavic Mini as well.

Back to catching up on work emails….. I’m leaving early…..

Vacation Starts – To…..morrow

That is correct, my vacation will be starting tomorrow. I am however going in to work this morning for about 8 hours to make sure everything is ok and up to date.

Weekend cooking included some Jack Burgers and boi were they great!

Monterey Jack Burgers

Not sure how much I will post the rest of the year but will try


Back to the Blender page as it was supposed to be starting in January.

Almost there…..

One more weekend until I get to start my Christmas vacation. I will go in briefly Monday the 16th for about 8 hours making sure everything is up to date and all is well for me to take off and poof I will be gone.

This weekend I did not ride the Lectic bike, I neglected to charge the batteries and also forgot I have extra. Frankly I remembered about the extra batteries as I wrote this. What a dumb ass.

My Hello Fresh meal this weekend consisted of Dreamy Creamy Mushroom Cavatappi and yes it was great.

Dreamy Creamy Mushroom Cavatappi
Dreamy Creamy Mushroom Cavatappi

Thanksgiving was a bust….

I had agreed to spend Thanksgiving with Sam and his family this year. His cousin opens his restaurant every year and gives all customers free Thanksgiving dinners. I’m not sure what exactly happened but there was no customers in the building when we arrived.

We were seated in a corner booth and served one very small serving each of ‘shredded’ turkey, stuffing mashed potatoes and gravy. This was served on paper plates and water to drink. Sam’s and his son barely touched their plates and they asked for a take home box. Sam’s wife did not touch a think on her plate and said she was full and asked for a take home box. I, out of the four of us is the only one who finished their plate.

It was entirely uncomfortable and I will not be doing that next year if asked.

Bummer, pretty much put a damper on the entire weekend.