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They kicked my butt

Well, last week when April said she would be my trainer for Cardio therapy she said she would make me sweat and she kept her promise this morning! When I told her one of my goals was to start riding my bicycle again and get up to 20 miles that is exactly where she focused the adjustments to my workout. My Heart Rate (HR) was raised to 150 beats per minute (bpm) and I was sweating profusely. I am definitely not use to this but I am looking forward to getting use to it. 🙂

Once I get my routine worked out I’ll be back hard at work with Blender and Unity.

Latest Health Update

After my latest appointments with my primary care physician and the cardiologist, I do not have another appointment with the primary care for four to five months and the next appointment with the cardiologist is not until January 16 of 2015. Cardio Therapy began this week and went well and I will be participating Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for the next three months.

There was a confusion with one of my medications because my primary care doctor did not renew one of the three medications I called in for renewal. Not being one that knows anything about medications I figured I would renew the ones they called in and ask about the other when I saw him. Well, I asked about it when I saw the cardiologist because my blood pressure was quite high when I was there and it turns out the one medication they did not call in was the most important medication I take. I had to purchase a BP monitor and now watch my pressure during the day from now on, calling in if it stays high so they can adjust as necessary. To date my blood pressure has remained good, the last reading I took at 3:00pm today was 124/77 with a heart rate of 75, all pretty dang good.

I saw that Andrew Price has announce a new Christmas competition. I think  will enter this one with a subject of “Hotel Christmas – “.

Well, feeling better and hope to be back to work soon.

Just so everyone knows

I tried to commit to writing at a minimum of Monday, Wednesday and Friday keeping on topic. I obviously missed commitments for Friday and Monday but I do have a reason. The morning of Thursday 10/2/1014 I experienced a massive heart attack and I was specifically told by my attending physician if it were not for the tremendous life saving efforts of the people I work with, I would not be here today.

Thank you:

Scott Edmonson, Rick Fox, Bob Neubauer and Scott Blankenship

Time to get back

I have been away for a bit trying to work through some kidney stones and didn’t really feel up to sitting in front of the computer after I got home. Last week a good friend provide me some home brewed ‘tea’ if you will, something he and his wife use at times. I guess you could call it a sort of homeopathy type of treatment. Well all I can say is I am not quite sure what helped more, the constant hydration I was doing to myself of the addition of his remedy but whatever it was it seemed to have worked and I am feeling much better now. Time to get back in the saddle and start blending and working in Unity/UE4 again.

End of tasks

Looks like we have only 3 months left on our project here at my real job and has been the main time sponge of my life. This has been in progress for 1.5 years and for my part of the project all aspects have gone remarkably well. At the end this team will disband and move back to our respective organizations and life will go on from there. That will be a sad day as we all have become close with the knowledge if anyone of us were asked to complete a task everyone knew it would be done, on time. I will miss this bunch of Engineers.

Google Glass

Received an invite this week to become an ‘Explorer’ for Google Glass. I figured “what the heck”, just got my tax return so I bit the bullet and purchased last night. We shall see what this is all about.

I like new toys! 🙂

Materials and Textures

It is so much more enjoyable working with materials and textures when you are NOT working with a tutorial. Tutorials point you in the correct direction, all the time with little or no explanation of what is happening when you make ajustements to the multitude of variables. Doing it yourself gives you a much more indepth learning experience, as long as you take notes of what happened when you made your changes. A trick I learned was if you are not sure what a setting will do, make a very drastic change so what you did will be very noticeable. Then back off on the adjustment so you understand exactly what is happening. At least that technique works for me.