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Bike should be here soon

I delayed the delivery of my Lectric Bike XP and can’t wait for delivery. I think by early next week. Monday I hope.

Today I made a list of accessories to purchase for the bike and the list is:

Smart Helmet
Phone Holder (With Charger)
Handlebar Extender
Bike Lock
New Wide Seat
Water bottle holder
Handlebar mirrors
Action Camera Mount

This list should do it for now. Can’t wait to get out and put it all to the test.

Second time was great

What I mean by ‘Second Time’ is last weekend was the second time I have gone without alcohol. I use to stop every Thursday afternoon at at the liquor store and purchase my drink of choice for the weekend. I would then end up finishing most of it off Friday evening and completing the bottle on Saturday morning. This would leave me tired and not wanting to do anything Saturday and at times Sunday. If I had a package coming on Saturday I would most of the time wait and pick it up from the office on Monday.

That all has changed now with me forgoing the weekly trip to the liquor store and heading cold turkey into the healthier and much more fun completely sober weekend.

I get more done, work on more things and just feel all around better about my drive to loose this extra weight. Hopefully I will be fitting better into my jeans by the time I head to SC to see my brother and this family. This two weeks away and should be plenty of time for the ‘lack’ of those extra calories to take effect.

I also purchased a new watch, coming today, a fenix 6 pro. Love those watches and this new lineup will have the Oxpulse, a new and improved heart rate monitors as well as syncing to music. Coming tomorrow will be a new tripod and a mini travel gimbal. I still need to figure out how to pack my camera bag.

The weapon is now in use

We will see what happens regarding the weight loss now. My secret weapon was to cut down alcohol consumption significantly and this weekend went very well. Much better than I had hoped. The only problem was I ate a bit too much. I’ll combat that this next weekend. I think I was just so happy to start and the cut back went much better than I had hoped.

I did some video shoots with the Osmo Action and my Lav mic but realized that when I did my sound check point by clicking my fingers I had forgotten to click my fingers in front of the camera so there will be no visual clue to use when I sync the audio. oops. Another try this weekend will need to be done. Additionally, I purchased a Rode Wireless GO microphone which should be here this week and will be much better than the wired lav mic. I look forward to this video shoot and the experience using Premier Pro for the first time. If Ken can do it, I can do it.

Hopefully my Robomaster S1 will ship soon, everyone else seems to be getting it. How come mine is taking so long to ship. I think some people were fibbing a bit when they said they ordered it as soon as it was announced. They got theirs in two days and I ordered mine at the same time and the website said it would ship 20 – 25 days after receipt of payment. Anyway it will be a fun project to put together on a Saturday afternoon when it finally arrives.

Secret Weapon Use starts this week

We will now see how this secret weapon will do when it comes to my weight loss. It will be hard to use but I’m sure it will be worth it.

Had a great weekend again. I did not fly this weekend, the weather was to cooperating but I did figure out what kind of app to create for both the iOS and Android. A log book for Drone pilots. A log that will keep track of battery hours and cycles, store your flight logs from DJI. A check list and much more. Charge a couple of bucks and see where that would go.

After I create the App then I’ll use that as a step into instruction in Udemy. Teach people how I did created, put it on the iOS and Android stores and possibly include the Microsoft store with it.

After that, create a small book to publish about the same topic.

P.S. The Secret Weapon is a secret until I find how well it works. So you will have to wait and see.

Second half of year weight loss starts now

Beginning now, the start of June I’m going to work on weight loss in earnest. Along with this I purchased the part 107 course from for my part 107 UAS license. I continue to work on my journey learning chess and downloaded the new 2.8 version of Blender. I have high hopes of using at least some of these things to start earning some residual income for retirement, if nothing else it keeps me entertained.

Angie has not contacted me for some time now regarding money and that makes me quite happy. We did talk on Friday and she kept things very cordial and it was nice for a change.

My elbow, which I thought I had hyper extended seems to get worse if I don’t exercise which sounds funny but that seems to be what I need to do. So this in fact will help a lot for losing the weight I want as well.

The Osmo Action, yes I purchased on and am quite happy with it however, the YouTube fanboys of DJI don’t seem to want to talk about the things it is missing over the GoPro Hero 7 Black. The front facing screen is nice and helps a lot when vlogging but the camera does not have GPS in order to view G force, location or speed data which was really nice while it was using it on my trip to Seattle. It also will not stream video to YouTube like the GoPro will. There also seems to be some problem with condensation on the front screen as well but I have not seen that.

I was curious about the image stabilization and the motion when walking with either camera. The Osmo action seems to be a little bit better but I heard about some software that makes the Hero 7 black much better than the Osmo. I wonder if it will work with the Osmo Pocket and what kind of affect After Effects may have on the Z-axis when walking with that. Will need to check it out.

Dinner is ready now so time to sign off – TTYL, Mike

20,000+ steps with consequences

A good friend of mine, Jeff Pritchett challenged me to a step challenge this past weekend and of course I accepted. Knowing it was going to be very cold this weekend starting Saturday afternoon I decided on a strategy.

The strategy was to get up early Saturday morning before the cold front hit and start walking and walk until I was to tired to walk anymore. I walked for 7.72 miles at approximately three miles per hour, give or take and 20,000+ steps taken. I figured with the rest of the day and Sunday coming up I was a shoe in to win the challenge.

As luck would have it, my feet were so swollen I could not walk even a small step for the rest of the day. I was in such pain all night sleep just did not happen. I got up Sunday morning, hobbling into the kitchen to make some sort of breakfast and sat on the couch wondering what the heck I did to my feet. Part of the way through the day I felt my left foot getting better and I continued to walk around on it hoping they both would get better for work on Monday as I had no intention on calling in. Jasmine and Terry are both out all week and I did not want to leave Dan and Jeff alone.

Monday has come and my left foot is doing ok but I was seriously worried I would not be able to get my shoe on my Right foot. As it is, both shoes went on with more than a little pain on the right side and after some ibuprofen I have in my desk along with some continuous walking around my feet are doing better. Needless to say, my strategy was not too sound and I’m quite sure I won’t be doing that sort of walking again. I may but not quite that fast and when my feet say they are tired I’m going to listen.

Yes Angie did send some stupid messages blaming me for them being evicted and out on the street as of the 27th of the month of February. I did send them 500.00 to get their rent paid but then followed up with ‘Go Away’. I never got a single thank you or any kind of response after sending that money so after that, if there is any additional contact with her or her family they will have to be blocked for good.

Vacation OVER

As I said before I had a great time on this trip to Seattle. The first couple of days were a challenge with my dads hearing problems, Rick and Chris yelling trying to communicate with him and his constant worrying about everything that is none of his business.

After sitting back at home for a few days after my trip I realized I liked it and had problems getting up for work. I still love my job and will stay as long as they want but I going to find some residual income for possible retirement in a couple years.

That being said, I enrolled in a class on Udemy by Phil Ebiner regarding the creation and promoting your classes on education platforms. I think this will be one of my best options available.

Still editing photos and video from trip to the mountains. One video I did was of dinner prep. It was supposed to be a time lapse but I had the settings incorrect. I am in the process of creating a time lapse from the raw footage and then publish here.

Note: I’m liking this new version of WordPress.

Seattle 01-15-2019 thru 01-22-2018

Had a great trip. Flights all on time and no problems with LiPo batteries. Security checkpoints were smooth although TSA should standardize their sensitivity of the equipment used. If my belt does not set up any alarms in Tulsa it should not in Seattle. Not the case. Took time lapse videos at the cabin as well as some outdoor stabilized footage on the Osmo pocket with some Pano shots I’ll be posting as soon as I get home. I’m in Denver for the next few hours right now.

Edit later!!

Vacation is over

Last day of Christmas Vacation is tomorrow and back to work on Wednesday. This years vacation was absolutely fantastic. 18 days off and I did just about nothing except play a bunch of chess and kick back. I purchased tickets to Seattle for Me, Rick and Lindsay for a weeks stay and also for time at the cabin at Mt. Rainier.

For my Christmas present I purchased an Osmo Pocket and a Mavic Air. I have not flown the Mavic yet as it has either been raining or too freaking cold.

I played around with my GoPro Hero 5 and did some time lapse of me making dinner. Prep, Cook cleanup and presentation was about an hour+ in real time and three minutes in the time lapse. It looks pretty cool.

I’m wining just about every game of chess with the SquareOff at level one, I might move up to level 2 tomorrow.

I’ll take some pics of the new toys tomorrow and post but in the mean time I’m going to enjoy my last day.