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Eating too much

Vitals this weekt:

  • Resting Heart Rate: 73
  • Blood Pressure: 118/66 (No bike last week)
  • Weight: 237 (Going down)

I have been eating much too much during the weekend. After I purchased the new counter top oven I have been trying new recipes and they have been great but I must stop and that includes all the ice cream I have had as well.


The title is a condition I am not familiar with at all. When someone is depressed I think of them as crying or upset all the time and that is not me. I never feel like crying (well, some movies get to me) or get upset with people, ever. Now I’m beginning to think my lack of what I perceive to be will power or rather motivation may be depression and I think I know the cause. My inability to reach some goals (buying a house) because I am letting others hold me back. By inability I mean save for a down payment, save to retirement etc. and the person whom I am referring to would be Angie. No matter what I do or say she refuses to stop asking for money and when she does I always break down and give her what she wants. Hell, I spent my bonus paying off her car and stupid loans she had taken out. Saturday she was going to her nieces wedding and wanted a couple hundred to get a gift and gas. Two days later she say she needs 400.00 to pay her storage or they will sell everything. She did not need the 400.00 when she was asking for the 200.00? She does not know the difference between a need and want. Everything to her is want, want, want.. she spends that and then the need presents itself and she expects the money to be there and I give it.

Tuesday morning I had just that situation where. On Saturday I gave her 200.00 for a gift and then come Tuesday morning she is demanding the 400.00 which I gave to her. I also said she has given me no choice but to cut communication with her. I sent a rather lengthy text explaining the situation and that she is now done getting any money, at the end I told her it would be in her best interest to not respond to the text. I won’t turn off the phone because I have to pay for it anyway but if she continues to try to contact me I will have to block her phone number. I ended up taking an extra two days off work because of my frustration with her and I’m tired of it. I drank last weekend as well. Time for another reset and get things back together in my head.


  • Resting Heart Rate: 69
  • Blood Pressure: 101/71
  • Weight: 234

None of these are that bad seeing as this weekend did not go as I had expected.


This morning vitals

  • Resting Heart-rate: 73 (Not bad)
  • Blood Pressure: 99/53 (After Walk – Not bad)
  • Weight: 236 (Bad, mostly water), 1lb less than last week

This weekend went really well. During the week I was not in the mood to work out at all, when I did I felt great but I could not get that motivated. All vitals look good with the exception of weight but now, with time that will align itself as well. Holidays will be the hard part.

Regroup and start over

I screwed that one up. After a great weekend of doing nothing and having a fantastic time doing it, I arrived at work and found a chocolate bar and hostess cupcake on my desk with a birthday card.

It was a nice gesture from my boss but I don’t usually eat milk chocolate (dark 86% cacao yes) and have not had a hostess cupcake since I was about ten years old. In a nutshell I ate the bar, before breakfast mind you and having nothing in my stomach. About 10:30 or so I ate the cupcake and then my breakfast, one hard boiled egg.

After an hour it all started to go down hill. I went for a short walk down stairs and on the way up I felt very dizzy and had an funny feeling in my chest (heart). My heart beat started racing to roughly 185+ beats per minute and would not stop. By 2:00, sitting at my desk getting ready for a conference call my heart rate went down to about 110.

I packed up to leave for home and was taking things slowly but when I started walking ‘down’ the stairs my heart started racing again and I was praying I would make it to the car.

When I got home I started eating anything I could get my hands on that was not sugar and drinking some water etc. and was able to get my heart rate down to less than 100 but still over 90. I took my vitamins, super greens drink and went to bed.

Upon getting up in the morning I found my resting hear rate to be 78 which is not bad but a number I consider high for me and after a morning walk my heart rate was still high and my heart rhythm was so irregular my blood pressure cuff kept cutting off with an error. After a few hours and another short walk my body seemed to rid itself of all those toxins from the day before but I still could not ride the bike.

I feel really good now but need to put my body back on its regular diet and get back to normal so, the experiment officially starts today, one week late.

Take note: Do not mess with your body especially when you feel good!

This morning vitals

  • Resting Heart-rate: 75 (Not bad)
  • Blood Pressure: 106/56 (After Walk – Not bad)
  • Weight: 237 (Bad, mostly water)

Day one of my experiment

Today is the start. I’m still on vacation today but the ‘no alcohol’ rule starts now. Actually it started when I had my last drink on Saturday night. Sam will be quite surprised when I don’t want to go to the liquor store on the way home Thursday. That will be the test, if I can do that or not. I am looking forward to these results I’m quite confident in my ability to do this.

I’ll be doing this experiment for at least three months, through the middle of November. During that time I will be posting graphs of my resting heart-rate, blood pressure and weight. I believe all of those will be affected by this experiment, to what extent we all shall see.

What I think is my weight will be affected by a significant amount followed by hear-rate to a certain extent and then my blood pressure. I’m sure I’ll see a big difference in the fluctuation I normally see during the weekend when I drink the most (Friday night and Saturday) , I never drink during the week or if I may have to work the following day.

Helping me out will be the large number of courses I have purchased on Udemy that have not been started yet. This will give me plenty of time to work on those courses as well as start setting up the outline for my courses as well. The outline for my book for SharePoint and maybe some SAP courses geared toward manufacturing. I need to look around and see what might be available for that topic (that just came to mind).

  • Resting Heart-Rate: 78
  • Blood Pressure: 112/73
  • Weight: 237
Resting Heart-Rate is higher than I like but to be expected with what I ate this weekend and I drank a bit more than usual weight is what I expected also with what I ate and how much water I drank the last couple of nights.
Let the fun begin, I am looking forward to this but will need some will power.

Physical Body Experiment

I am going to experiment with my body after my birthday Aug 10th and the duration will be at least 3 months. I will start off with the post on the following Monday with my weight, resting heart-rate and blood pressure after my morning walk. Those values should be, in order, 234-230, 78-80 and 116/65 (I’ll compare these values to the actual values on that Monday and see how accurate I was).

I have been struggling with my weight loss for about a year now and can’t seem to leave the 227-230 mark. I can, at times get to around 224 and then the weekend hits and I blow up again or some vacation days etc.. The single item that I’m sure and effect on every one of those measurement points is the quantity of alcohol I consume between Friday night and Saturday. This quantity will seem staggering to most but I am quite sure has me unable to breach this wall with regard to weight and keeps my blood pressure and resting heart-rate higher than I like.

With all that said, my plan is to, starting the Monday after my birthday, I’m giving myself one last hurrah, I will completely shut down my intake of alcohol. This will markedly reduce my calorie consumption for the weeks while maintaining my workout schedule. I am very much looking forward to a healthier me and can’t wait to see the numbers. I think they will be fantastic and I just might see my goal weight of 180.

Last Friday after my morning walk my numbers were:

  • Weight: 230
  • Resting Heart-rate: 73
  • BP: 102/55

Those number are after a week of working out and normal weekday eating habits, no alcohol. The numbers always decrease during the week and then explode again on the weekend. I’m trying to remove the explosion and initiate a downward trend.

Wish me luck!


That post was created at the end of last week. This is Monday 7-30-2018 and my numbers this morning were a little supurising:

  • Weight: 233 (What I thought)
  • Resting Heart-rate: 71 (Much lower than I thought)
  • BP: 112/62 (Better than I thought)

Those numbers are not all that bad. I did cut out items I usually eat during a weekend like pasta and white rice with some delivery items like pizza or Mexican, none of which passed my lips this weekend.

Picking up the pace

I have become addicted to working out with my Fenix 5x, Polar and Fitbit. I have been, so far this week walking three+ miles every morning and riding another nine+ miles every evening. Loving it but need to stop eating so much during the weekends. Sometimes it gets out of control with GrubHub being no help at all 🙂 .

Picking up the pace on the Peloto workout as well, adding a 10 minute cool down at the end of my 30 minute workouts every day. Hopefully this will up the anty enough for me to start loosing weight like I should be. I’m going to have to get out the Total Gym soon I think.


SharePoint has again taken a back seat to Sam’s business cards. The good news it I completed them and ordered them today, take a look.

These sure didn’t come out looking good here but I converted to .jpg from a .psd. I’ll try a .png and see if that looks better but you get the idea.

The Suburban in the front view of the card (top) is from a 3D model brought into Photoshop, adding lighting and headlamps was pretty fun to play with.

Unity, C#, Python, Blender and Adobe CC

I won’t be receiving new chapters for the RPG book I was reviewing for a while so they are sending me six chapters for a book on Unity 2018 shaders for review. I have always wanted to know how to code shaders in Unity and this is a perfect opportunity, review the book and learn something new at the same time.

I think I’ll try to duplicate the card front in Blender for a little 3D effect, shouldn’t be too difficult.

This last weekend:

Last weekend was great, I even got in a 45 minute workout Saturday morning along with a 10 minute cool down.

Fenix 5x


Picure of my new toy

Fenix 5x

Some shadows and reflections but here is that $700.00 fitness tracker. So far I have had nothing but great results with this. I noticed a few negative review regarding the accuracy of the heart rate, my experience has been great. It has been within 1-2 bpm of all my other devices, Fitbit, Polar and Scosch. I also purchased a cadence monitor for the Peloton so I could monitor my cadence on the tracker as well as monitoring my cadence on my street bike when the weather improves.


Sam needs new business cards and I have been concentrating on that for a few days. I’m experimenting with 3D models in PhotoShop and have some ideas for cards I think Sam will love.

Unity, C#, Python, Blender and Adobe CC

New chapter from Packt this week and it was just a rehash of the first chapter from the first edition of the book I’m reviewing. My handler so to speak, Devanshi let me know the author is rewriting some chapters and code so it may be some time before I get another chapter. Good thing the code is being rewritten, there a lot of items in the coding that have been deprecated since the last updates of Unity.

Playing with 3D object in PhotoShop while I’m creating new business cards for Sam. I found a free 3D model (obj) of his Chevrolet Suburban and will be using it for the business cards. My first attempts have been garbage as I’m learning how to use the 3D aspects of PS but have some interesting ideas rolling around in my head. As I start creating these new cards I’ll pop them in here for some critique.

This last weekend:

Again I did just about nothing this last weekend but eat some Chinese on Saturday. I know most of this is low calorie but it is high in sodium. I actually gained seven freaking pounds which was obviously water because six and a half was gone Tuesday morning. I looked as my reward for the great review I received Thursday morning.

Great Workout week

This last week was fantastic, here are the numbers:

  • Over 50,000 Steps
  • Over 30 flights of stairs
  • Two personal record rides
  • instead of slowing down during the week Friday was the best day

I found you lose some of your ‘in shapeness’ just being off of your routine for three days and amount off the bike of five days. My resting heart rate jumped to 76 and fitness level went from 34-38 to 33-37. It has now taken me over a week to get things back to normal. Blood pressure thank god did not rise to any extent.



Working of workflows in SharePoint designer 2013 exclusively right now. InfoPath, PowerApps are a pain to get going in our environment. Custom workflows is the way to go now. Time to experiment.

Unity, C#, Python and Blender

No more chapters from Packt

This last weekend:

This last weekend was great. I did just about nothing. Next weekend will be the last for that as I now have to concentrate all of my time on possible passive income sources. Of course they won’t be all that passive at first but I’m hoping after a year I can be generating an income of at least 5000.00 per month. After a few years letting this source increase and then add social security to it I should be ok when I finally retire. At that point I can see the income picking up even more.