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We went to Enterprise Rent-a-car and received a Volkswagen Passat. It is nice and has some serious get up and go.

She has been checking on wedding dresses, shoes, gloves etc. for our wedding. I am getting nervous but not in a bad way. It is just the way I am and when things are all said and done everything will be great.


Last Thursday I spent the entire day working on items that needed to be done for Pratt & Whitney Canada and America. Everything felt great, I was feeling better than I had been and all was well until….


Justin said he needed to see me and walked me down to Pat’s office and just said, in here and walked away. Hans Jorgensen and Joe Fisher were sitting at the table and Justin walked away.

Hans proceeded to say that because Pursuit had been losing a lot of money, they had decided to readjust the Engineering team and my job had been eliminated. He stopped speaking from that point on. Joe then proceeded to start with all the HR bull shit.

After that little speech I was told that Justin would see me outside the door. During this interaction Hans kept his mouth shut and did not utter another word. When I got up to leave, they both just sat there and did not offer a handshake. I’m the one that put out their hand to shake theirs and they still did not get up.

I boxed up my things and left. It was the most unprofessional meeting I’ve ever had. It was an extension of the age and experience of the worst manager I have ever had. Manufacturing Engineer to Engineering Manager at his age shows.


Terribly busy the last week. With the Kaizen happening last week and thank God I was not involved but my interns have been doing fantastically.

Starting to clean things up around the apartment. Not a lot to do but just pick things up and get organized.

I sent things to Kitty at P&W last week for the corrective action on our audit and she was happy, but I have a lot to do by the end of the year.