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This is a test video of my settings in Camtasia Studio for recording. I have seen some videos in YouTube that are clear then at some point turn blurry. Let’s see if the settings I used are OK.

What I saw in the video was a blurry image at first and then it became clear, exactly the opposite of what I have seen in others. I’ll do some adjustments and check back later.

Need to switch to Camtasia

Looks like I will need to switch my focus to Camtasia recordings until at least the first week of September. For our SAP/cERP training, the book is alright for reference but the guys I work with really need the visual experience of watching a person going through the motions of what they are trying to accomplish. Since I can access our cERP system from home I will be going through the book, chapter by chapter and creating small videos for the teams reference. I’ll start tomorrow when I get home. To bad I will not be able to publish these outside of work (they will contain trade secrets)

Introduction to Character Modeling Course –

I started watching the Character Modeling Tutorial for Citizen members this morning and so far have been suitably impressed. If you are a Citizen take the time to watch this video course (to use the new term instituted by 4.0) by Johnathan Williamson.

Watching this video I was paying particular attention to the work flow and saw that what I have been attempting to do was close to on target although I did forget to work on the sweater, I completely forgot about that detail. The other two were the use of the skin modifier which I have seen in action but have never put to use and as a result was not a tool I thought about and second, sculpting, this is a tool I am very uncomfortable with and that being said, I did not consider this at all. I believe I will incorporate both of these to some extent with the character I am working on. I don’t know how but I shall try.

Another thing have been doing lately is when presents a new course I will download all the videos, fire up Camtasia Studio 8.0 and add all the videos to a project. I then publish this project including markers for a table of contents and presto I have a directory of files I can easily transfer to my 64gig thumb drive and take with me anywhere. Try it out, it works great.

My First Tutorial

I have completed recording and editing my first tutorial. Below is a render of the finished tutorial and the photo used in the opening shot.

The tutorial is based on one of the Mugs in the Tea set ‘Still Life’ tutorial I started and completed earlier this morning. I thought this would be a good start for the following reasons:

  1. Use of many of the tools I am familiar with
  2. Practice with Cycles and Materials within Cycles
  3. Easy to  complete

I felt the video turned out great for my first. The total time of the video is just over 12 minutes, a little more than 15 minutes prior to editing. Editing of this video itself took a couple of hours.

P.S. I loved doing this.

P.P.S I am getting used to my recorded voice.