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Carrie is no longer flying out

This is not something I was not expecting. Her panic attacks have been getting more frequent and at times worse. I was worried she would have a panic attack on the plane which would not be a good place for one. I was also not a fan of her traveling at night because of the propensity of people to drink at the airport at later times and that could turn into annoying flyers that could panic her even worse in a small aluminum tube 35000 feet in the air.

We decided she would 1) fly out with me when I come out in January or 2) fly out with her sister and then back with her or, 3) a combination of both.

Not sure what will happen with the tickets I already purchased but it doesn’t matter. The tickets are paid for and the money is gone so not anything I’m concerned about.

Angie and I are finally done

I have been so frustrated with Angie over the last few months. She needed to leave her brother’s house but didn’t have the income to do it. She did it anyway relying on me to pay the rent even though I told her I would not. I told her the first time she asks we will be done. Well, she asked and asked and asked and I told her the consequences and she just did not give a dang.

I have told her to keep track of her spending, smokes, gas food etc. and she refuses. The last straw was her check for 44.00 bounced because she had payments out there, she forgot about. Additionally, the 44.00 that bounced was money that I gave her for the freaking rent. She also has not paid for the last storage unit she had meaning another 300.00 plus the bounced check. 345.00. I told her I’ll give it to her, but we will not be talking anymore. Talking to her makes her keep asking for money and I keep giving it to her but no more. Told her to lose my phone number and turn off the sat dish.

I will miss our talks when she was not bitching and playing the games online but enough is enough.

Washer and dryer were delivered last week. They are beautiful and work so nice. I did many loads of laundry on Monday, washing every piece of clothing I have. I also washed my comforter I bought in Tulsa and never have washer. I turned out great! Today I’m washing pillows which, again I have never washed.

Washer and Dryer will arrive today!

Yes, my washer and dryer will arrive today. This weekend I received my dishes and corning ware what broke during the trip from Tulsa. I also received a set of Pyrex measuring cups

Other items arriving this week are a universal swivel TV stand, HDMI converter for my surface pro, Alexa lights, wooden hangers shower curtain rings and a Pgytech tripod.

Furniture arrived!

Yes you read that correctly. My furniture finally arrived. Problem was, he charged me for a redelivery, fucking car rental and storage. 810.00 extra was charged. I was not to be charged for storage because 30days was covered. Because he had to rent a car, not my problem. But as the saying goes, he has my furniture and if I don’t pay it does not get delivered. In other words it would be held hostage and fees would continue to rise.

I will get let the world know what not to do from now on.