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Compositing the Spaceship Corridor

I have been working on the compositing of the spaceship corridor specifically the areas I noted as not to my liking. I created a multilayer .exr render so I can play around where ever I may be by just opening a blank blender file an working in the compositor. So far the results and been good and I can’t wait to show it off. The only problem I have is I like to keep tweaking things so I’ll finish up in the next evening or so and post the final.


Completed a new tutorial creating sparks in Blender by Andrew Price at Short tutorial but very informative especially on some new nodes in the compositor I have not used.

I rendered the animation when I went to bed last night and it took 6hrs and 36min to complete from the first saved frame to the last (100) frames. When I got to work this morning (about 2 hours ago) I output the files in four different formats H.264, JPEG, MPEG, and Raw. The only file that would play on the players they have at work was the MPEG file. I will try the others when I get home and see what will play on my computer, probably all of them, then upload the one appropriate for YouTube.

As a side note, I was using Blender 2.65 release candidate 1 for this tutorial testing it out for any glaring bugs (pun intended) 🙂

None found so far.


Final rendered scene prior to animation

Getting Close – New Nodes in use for fading out the sparks

Things did not seem to be working correct here for some reason

First shot at the render – no color or fade out of the sparks yet

Temple and Spaceship Corridor

New image for the Temple project with the missing compositing. I had forgotten to link the output of the color balance to the composite node. The next picture is of the corridor as it is coming along so far.

The next items on the list for the Spaceship corridor are the control panels on the left and right bulkhead walls.

Temple Final render with the missing compositing

Spaceship Corridor screen shot

Temple and Spaceship Corridor

I completed the Temple and I am not that happy with the way it turned out. The modeling is great but the compositing (I made a couple of changes), background and materials are what I am not happy about. Those changes will be for he weekend along with the Ocean Scene.

The Spaceship Corridor is coming along with the bulkhead walls finished (for now) and an array modifier added.

Photos: Screen shot of the Final Temple render, screen shot the node group for the Temple render and Spaceship Corridor.

Edit: Just noticed the Vignette is missing from this render, I am going to have to fix this.

Final Temple Render (2000 samples)

Screen shot of Temple Node Group

Screen shot of Spaceship Corridor

Temple Part 05

I completed part 1 of the Temple tutorial last night and as it turns out the problem I was having with the roof tiles was not a problem at all. The tiles were showing up on the roof but in different orientations for each side of the roof and I was perplexed. I decided to wait, see what he was going to do because things looked different on my computer, try his way or a work around I came up with. As it turns out, my ‘work around’ was actually the way he ended up completing the process. 🙂

So, part 1 is complete and on to part 2 this morning (1:45am again), sky and a light set up so I could get a first look at the cycles render. Here are two pictures showing an internal render with temporary lights set up and a screen shot starting part 2.

 Temporary Lights, no textures (Blender Internal)

Starting Part 2, rendering with Cycles. I am actually a little bit farther than this but forgot to take a screen shot before left for work this morning.