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Oklahoma job match came through

I received a Manufacturing Engineering job from this past week and it looks like the perfect match. I am missing the degree and the preferred Oil and Gas experience, but I have all other qualifications as well as other preferred qualifications such as advanced Microsoft software aptitude and being an SAP subject matter expert, I hope will get me the job. I know Oil and Gas is at times just as volatile as the aircraft industry I would love this opportunity. I updated my resume to match and highlight the qualifications I have and applied.

Another job sent to me was for a Process Engineer at Ducommun and when it comes to a degree there was no requirement, just a preference. Along with the resume update I also created a cover letter I can easily revise for each job I apply for. I hope I find some on a very consistent basis and can finally get some income coming in.

I’ll be praying and possibly crossing my fingers!

Very depressed last week

I could not believe I was told I was not qualified for a job. The email was obviously written by an HR bot and my resume’ was not read by a person. I will need to tailor all my applications to the specific job. Because of this I will make this a fantastic week and apply for as many jobs as I can.

happy new year!

I spent all last week talking to Carrie Mattern, the woman, when I was working at Boeing, I had the biggest crush on. We spent hours video chatting and just talking, it was great until….

She became obsessed! Was sending me pictures and texting constantly.

While looking for jobs, other activities

While looking for jobs I have also been learning Python scripting as well as working in Blender again. Below is a picture of some dungeon pieces with will piping I was working on.

Creating the pieces straight, curved etc. was at first a challenge, but I have been working with Blender so long soon I was clicking way and things were coming together. The instructor was using techniques much slower and less precise than mine. I thought this was strange because precision is particularly important in this project.

As I work, I’ll post updates to these pictures.

Dungeon with pipes less material and textures
Materials added.

It is officially the holiday season and do not expect any phone calls from business or recruiters about jobs for at least a week. I still must do my job searches for unemployment. I am really hoping for the jobs I applied for at L3 or Ducommun here in Tulsa.

Job search continues

The job search continues. Had message from Dee on Thursday and he was going to make contacts Monday (today). I completed my weekly claims for unemployment this morning.

Update, I received a phone message from Johnson Services asking if I would be interested in a Manufacturing Engineering position in Florida. The answer to that would be a definite possibility. I’m not too keen on Florida but if that is all that is available, I just might have to take it. I’ll wait for a bit right now until I get an email detailing the specifics of the job.

Also, phone call from Eric Scott regarding the Boeing job in Oklahoma City and a call from Aerotek regarding jobs in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and Tulsa.

There is a bunch of thinking to do now and I wish job possibilities would all come in at the same time so I could decide, pick one and tell the others no thank you. What happens if I take the Florida job and then one comes up from Aerotek in Tulsa? That would be the worst circumstance.

Unemployment fixed and Possible Interview soon

A lot of things happened last week.

First, I applied for the job in Macomb, MI. The job sounds like a good fit and Aminta is incredibly happy I applied and is working hard to get me the job. The possibility of an interview this week is good.

Second, Angie found out during the week that she has not been paying the correct amount for her car and is behind by two months. Yes, I had to produce the money to cover the two months and then the loan officer will fix the payment issues he has caused.

Three, Angie lost her keys last Friday at Walmart, she had kids with her and was crying her eyes out on the phone with me. I did not like that at all.

Four, I was able to get the situation with my unemployment fixed on Friday. I called them on Thursday and was on hold for over three hours and I spoke to a person for all of 15 minutes. He put be back on hold and after another 30 minutes the phones disconnected, and he did nothing. Sam told me to call at exactly 7:00am Friday. I did and the woman helping me took care of the problem and I was off the phone in 20 minutes. I was so thankful to her.

Five, my beermkr is on its way! I hope it gets here in good condition and is not delivered to the wrong address.

Finally, and this is one that is not fixed yet, but I need to find out where my unemployment card is and if it was mailed, report it lost so I can get a new one. As of last week, I had not been paid anything yet so all should be good.

A lot happened last week, and it cost me money I don’t have but things are working out. Given the timing I think I won’t be starting the new job until after the first of the year. In any case, I will have plenty of money to last until at least March.

Things to think about

I received a text from Aminta at Triumph about ME positions in Macomb, MI. I looked at the job at thier site and the work looks good. Problems are:

  1. I need to give three months’ notice at the apartment complex before I leave.
  2. It is in Macomb, MI 40mi north of Detroit meaning it is COLD!
  3. I don’t know much about the area, but I didn’t know much about this area before I got here.
  4. This goes along with number three, but it must be mentioned, I will need transportation to and from work and if there are no cabs then it will be a bust.

I hope this works out in every way. I will help so much. In every way I mean, location, start date and transportation. Weather, well there isn’t much I can do about that.

Start praying and wish me luck.

Angie is at it again

I have a text this morning that says she is sorry, but she needs 500.00 ASAP, something suddenly came up and don’t ask what. Well, I don’t have 500.00 extra hanging around and would not give it with no questions asked if I did. That is the kind of money I will need soon just to live. I’m quite certain she will just give the money to Andy anyway and that is not going to happen.