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I buckled down and deleted the original chest top and start that portion from scratch.

After creating a new cylinder, I deleted the bottom half and tried everything again. Modeling the top from the begining and the results were the same!! How frustrating can that be?

I started to try one thing, move it then try another and move it to see what geometry was being created. I also noticed that when I went into edit mode, the proportional editing button was selected. That is a problem. To make a long story longer, I ended up separating the side panels with the ‘y’ hot key and selected all the curved top pieces with the ‘L’ hot key and left the sides unconnected. When I scaled with <Alt> + ‘S’ everything seemed to work perfectly with the top. I then selected all the side faces, pressed ‘e’ then cancelled the extrude and scaled with <Alt> + ‘S’ to create a thickness toward the center.

Is all that, correct? I don’t think so because Kent did not do two separate extrudes and scales. In the end it will all be good.

Correct Chest Top
Model after corrected top

I’ll add a bit more here. Like I said earlier, I started over with the top and completed the portion I could not get done using a technique that worked but was incorrect. After watching ‘again’ I realized that when he selected the entire top model, he did not press the ‘L’ key as I thought, he pressed the ‘A’ key. This led me to believe the side planks were separated as I thought and that using the <Alt> + ‘S’ with everything selected would work as shown. I tried everything again and I was correct. Everything worked exactly as he showed he just needed to be clearer about separating the side planks. Anyway, all looks great now.


Yes, I do have to check this out more but when you select multiple faces, click ‘E’ for extrude, right click and then <Alt> + ‘S’ to extrude along the normals it pulls the faces along the normals and does not ‘extrude’. I’ll post some picks below. I will need to check this out more as I said but it looks to be a bug or above 2.80 this function has changed, and I have not seen the ‘new’ way of doing this.

Did some investigating on this ‘bug’ and will try a few things when I get home. On item I notices was one side on the back of the model was moving in a strange manner and one that I did not anticipate. This may be caused by not resetting the scale/rotation/position with <Alt> + ‘a’. This is an issue I have run into and can affect what you are trying to accomplish in random ways.

I keep trying different solutions and nothing seems to work. I will not delete the entire top half of the chest, create a new cylinder and start that part over. Frustrating, especially when you have quite a few years modeling in Blender and then the simplest thing throws you for a loop.

Blender EEVEE is seems to be working

At least a little bit in the rendered view window. The materials definitely need to be fixed. They look horrible. I’ll check on Andrew Price’s site for materials as well as others I have access too this week. I’ll post what I find below.

I will also complete the Treasure Chest model with Kent Trammel on CG Cookie which will help tremendously with materials in EEVEE. I’ll get materials for those renders (I’ll post here) and at the same time work on setting up lighting and materials for the spaceship corridor.