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Working for 20 years as a Manufacturing Engineer for various Aerospace companies the only 3D programs I had any interaction with were CATIA, Solidworks, AutoCad and NCAD so it is no surprise Blender is a new world. I love it! I also enjoy most outdoor activities, fishing, hiking, camping etc. Most music and College Football (UW Huskies!). Favorite vacation spot: Hawaii.


First post and a milestone in my effort to give back to a community which has given so much to me this past year.

I first downloaded Blender in May of 2011 and was overwhelmed by the UI as I have found is common with new users. This quickly became a non issue as I purchased books and watched tutorials at CG Cookie and Blender Guru.

What I was not expecting was how great the user community is and their love of the program, their art and willingness to help old farts like me.

I will be using this site to document my continuing adventure in 3DCG, specifically with Blender via written and video tutorials as my proficiency increases.

Talk to you soon,