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Working for 20 years as a Manufacturing Engineer for various Aerospace companies the only 3D programs I had any interaction with were CATIA, Solidworks, AutoCad and NCAD so it is no surprise Blender is a new world. I love it! I also enjoy most outdoor activities, fishing, hiking, camping etc. Most music and College Football (UW Huskies!). Favorite vacation spot: Hawaii.

Lazy weekend

I was a lazy butt this weekend and just relaxed after the move last weekend and a hectic week. Ordered a pizza like I normally do on Sunday and it was great! I ordered it from Andolini’s which I have been wanting to do but did not realize how freaking big their pies are. 20″ is huge and I will not be doing that again.

Found the Mice

Just a quick post before my work begins today and again with Blender on Friday. I found my mice! I knew I had packed them, they were in a pocket of one of my many suitcases, a pocket I had not looked in :). Happy Days are back tomorrow with Blender.

When I get home today I will set up my AppleTV. I downloaded a couple of Brad Meltzers Decoded and the movie Avengers last night and would like to watch them on the big screen. I will not be able to watch all of them because bedtime will come upon me quickly so I will start with the Statue of Libertyย  episode of Decoded. I started watching on regular television when bedtime approached so I bought it on iTunes along with The Avengers and downloaded while I slept. It will be a good movie weekend

Second Computer Set Up

I set up my second computer, the Apple MacBook Pro 17″ this morning and everything is working well. I have ran into one problem and this seems to be a repetitive problem, I can’t find my mouse and memory stick for my primary computer and I am sure I transported them with me to the new place. I guess I will have a hunting expedition within my new place till I find them or purchase new some time in the next week or so.

I am really missing Blender and Camtasia right now but I will win this battle and keep the computers off the internet until Friday.

Really, I will :).

Setting up the appartment

I got up early this morning and set my primary computer and could not find my mouse, not a problem though because I don’t plan on using the computer till the weekend. I did not want to wait until Friday to set everything up. Everything seems nice there, quiet with some noise during the night. I hear little feet running around at 9 or 10 at night when I have already been in bed for a few hours but the head phones take care of that.

Computer Free Weekend

I spent the weekend moving to a new place and I love it. Quiet, less people around, less traffic just an all around better place. To top everything off I spent the entire weekend computer free. After I had packed everything up I decided I would not set it all back up again until this weekend. Yes I will go crazy not working on my Blender projects until Friday but lets just see how it goes.

Started Packing

I started packing away all my computers and game consoles last night and will finish up tonight. I should be able to have everything just about ready to go by tonight or maybe Thursday evening with the exception of things I want to take but have nowhere to pack them such as the dishes and utensils they gave me here at the hotel. I should be able to find a box or something by the time I move on Friday or Saturday.


I spend the weekend looking for a new place to live. I was going to head to Tulsa and stay at the Studio 6 but at the last minute a friend of mine told me about all the drug trafficking that happens there and I changed my mind. I did find a nice place about a mile and a half from where I am now and they agreed to the amount I want to pay per night. It will be a done deal by the end of this week and I will move Friday afternoon or Saturday.