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Working for 20 years as a Manufacturing Engineer for various Aerospace companies the only 3D programs I had any interaction with were CATIA, Solidworks, AutoCad and NCAD so it is no surprise Blender is a new world. I love it! I also enjoy most outdoor activities, fishing, hiking, camping etc. Most music and College Football (UW Huskies!). Favorite vacation spot: Hawaii.

back to Alabama?

Yes, that title is correct. I applied for many jobs last week, some in CA but five jobs were for GKN with two of them being manufacturing engineers in Tallassee, AL. Yep, the same place I worked when 9-11 happened. I am a perfect fit for both jobs because I created many of their work instructions for multiple programs and I started their MRB system down there in Alabama and updated and created new procedures in St. Louis GKN for expediting their MRB process. I would love to go back to GKN in Alabama.

Angie has done something that is not so smart again. She applied for HUD assistance and found an apartment for herself yesterday (Sunday 6/13/2021). With changing how she is paid (her bank rather than the cash card from her job shop) she cannot perform here agreement with me to pay me back the loan she received. Additionally, when she moves to her apartment, she will hardly be able to make insurance or car payments which means she has made the decision to forget the money she owes me. This is a deal breaker, and I will leave. I will give her a month to get a new phone and then get rid of that number off my bill and try and cancel the internet.

renewed effort

I did a new update to my resume’ removing extraneous things including the small section on interests and hobbies, this brought my resume’ to exactly two pages long. It is hard to believe but the new resume at only two pages covers 30+ years of aerospace experience and includes a brief listing of my banking experience just in case I want to apply for a banking or money handling jobs.

LinkedIn was another change. When updating my profile and adding additional job titles and locations I saw an item within the site I was not aware of. It adds a hash to your account identifying that you are actively looking for a job and makes a post for you asking for other members and your connections to reach out and help you if they desire. When I did this I was getting responses from my contacts within minutes. I also received a response from my old boss from The Boeing Company in Seattle, WA.

My mood is better now.

a bit upset

A friend of mine said he would check on my application at GAC in Tulsa here. I contacted him because my application has been sitting on the hiring managers desk for quite a few weeks. As soon as he said he would check on it I received an email saying I was no longer under consideration.

I’m quite sure I was the most qualified but as I read recently, even if you are the most qualified for a job and not accepted it just means there is something new out there for you. That new thing just might be the job in Florida I was contacted about yesterday.

No Masks and unemployment

My unemployment has ended, and I still have no job. I am hopeful because my application at GAC is with the hiring manager and has not been turned down. I pray every day for this job, and I have a great shot.

I had multiple jobs pop up yesterday I was an excellent fit for and will be applying for those today.

Of course, brain was in overdrive this week because I did not talk to Carrie for three days straight and she made some comments that made me think she was deciding against us being together. She sent me a picture of a doodle she created and that made me feel stupid for thinking those things. We are simply fine and will be forever.

at last, I can travel

I had my second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday the fourth and I can now travel for vacations and most importantly, work. I wish to stay here in Tulsa, OK for the near future until I have the money to move back to Washington State but that will not be for a couple of years.

That second dose did in fact knock me on my ass. By Tuesday evening I was not feeling well at all. I had the chills; skin was aching, and the location of the shot was hurting more. By Wednesday morning I was in full blown ‘flu’ mode. I mean that I felt like I had a bad case of the flu and the headache had arrived although it was mild and in the background. I only felt the headache when I coughed, which was often. You are cautioned not to take pain killers unless necessary as it could reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine, so I held out, then my fever started, and I ignored most of the symptoms Thursday because I knew it was a reaction and this type of reaction was a good indication of my body’s immune system. Early Friday morning I had had enough of the back pains because of the coughing, skin aches, headache and I got up and took some aspirin because I figured it had been long enough. They recommend waiting at least two days if you need to take something. After a bit, my fever broke and the pains starting gradually going away and I fell back to sleep and did not get up till 9:00am. That is extremely late for me, but I was on the mend finally. After a good day for this week, I talked on the phone for a while and started to feel bad again. My throat was getting froggy and headache coming back. I went to bed at 10:00pm, took some aspirin again at 5:00am and was asleep until about 8:30am but I still felt so tired and did not get out of bed until 9:00am again. Today, Saturday I feel about normal and think this is going to be a great weekend with a resulting great next week.

It may be possible that all those times I had been administered the flu shot and I felt like this it may have just been a reaction to the shot and not necessarily the flu itself. I say that because I know that you can’t get the COVID-19 from this shot because of how it is manufactured let alone the flu from it.

AN evening I will cherish for ever

Last Friday evening was incredibly special. I’ll leave it there and keep this memory inside.

I received a phone call from my application at Brinks for cash processing. He liked my previous cash handling experience and wants to talk to me. I called back but was not able to connect. Hopefully, he calls back today or I will be ringing his phone off the hook until I can speak with him.

There are many more jobs available in the banking industry that I had thought and will be applying to them all this week as well.

Best week yet

Last week was the best week yet for applying for jobs but I did not hear much back. I am going to start applying for at least 15 jobs per week from now on and any more than that will be icing on the cake.

The ingenuity drone on mars has flown two additional times since the first flight last Monday and is doing fantastic.

first flight on mars

Ingenuity has made the first powered controlled flight on the planet Mars! I watched history live on YouTube.

First flights:

  1. Kittyhawk: 1903
  2. Mars: 2021
Ingenuity Shadow
Ingenuity Hover Shadow
Ingenuity Hovering shown from Perseverance
Ingenuity Hover From Perseverance

It looks like my unemployment has run out, no warning is strange and no ability to file a weekly claim. I hope that part is a glitch. Now time to look at getting some of my retirement money. I still have about 3 months of money left so keep praying one or more of the jobs I have applied for come through.