Getting things and the apartment ready.

I purchased a blower this week for cleaning off the deck.

This was another fantastic week. All week our scrap rate was low until we hit Friday. Holy crap. Our totals for Pratt Canada two 306 parts, one in which the cutter fell out of the tool holder. The set screw was over torqued or not set tight enough or the cutter shattered. I heard all three scenarios, and I don’t know which happened. The other was an over aggressive polisher that had not been trained on polishing Pratt Canada parts. The possibility of more exists because they gave her a cart of 24 parts.

We had another 40 F100x1’s scrapped at the broach. I have spent all weekend trying to figure out how to prevent that from happening. I don’t know.

A toilet was leaking in the master bathroom and when they came to fix it on Thursday, they fixed the wrong bathroom. I had to place another work order for them to fix on Friday. They got the correct one this time but I’m not sure if they fixed it or just caulked around it, hiding the leak.

I used the blower on Friday, cleaning the deck and it worked great.

On Friday I did my annual quality training and it spoke of the four fundamentals of quality. The first fundamental is ‘Training’ and this is what it said.

“I Will:

Only perform work for which I have been specifically trained and approved to perform. (if unsure, ask your supervisor)

Not ask or direct someone to perform work in which they have not been trained”

Amazing, this is precisely what happened with the Prat Canada 306 parts on Friday.

Until next week…..

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