Carrie arrives in one month. I can’t wait.

Yep, one month.

This past week was outstanding. Hans took Monday off and I spent most of the day updating all my spreadsheets for our budget and then started working on the Supernote and organizing everything.

Wednesday I also thought someone took my small notebook and pen, but it turns out I left it in another place. I looked there but someone had already picked it up. I ended up ordering another one that night and the next day it was returned to me. I felt pretty bad about assuming I worked with a bunch of thieves.

I asked Carrie if she would like a Roomba automatic vacuum cleaner and she said yes. The next thing I did was purchase one. $961.63 and a couple days later it arrived. I purchased the J7+ combo with vacuum and mopping features including the charging base which will dump the bin when full. I worked on setting it up on Sunday but need to give it more time for the mapping feature and make sure I’m around to get things out of the way. The Christmas village was in the way, but it was able to work around it.

I had a few movies I wanted to watch this weekend including, North by Northwest, Us, I know who killed me and The Happening. I did not watch any of them and instead watched Dungeons & Dragons Honour Among Thieves. That movie was pretty good.

Friday Joe Ritter messaged me and was hinting at something I had told him I would do but forgot about. I told him if he needed help, I would help out with $1000.00. I had forgot so I sent it right away. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I was going to be short in that account. After checking things out, I’ll be fine.

All in all it was a great week.

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