That is when Carrie will be back in Georgia! Yep, one month and a week.

I was not able to get anything done on Carrie’s desk this week because this is not much of an excuse, but the week was one from hell.

I had the audit check up with Kitty on Thursday. Wednesday turned out to be another great until the last hour.

The end of the week was all planned out, meeting with Kitty from Pratt on Thursday and finishing the F100 tooling manifest on Friday, Enter Hans an Pat (from now on will be referred to as knucklehead. I now have to complete all F100 tooling manifest items as well as the paperwork Hans told me he would complete. I had all the information I needed to complete the database and clipped my encrypted USB to my badge. I was good to go. Boy was I wrong. I unclipped the USB, loaded all the files I would need to complete the next tasks and left. I left WITHOUT MY USB! Arrrrggggghhhh!

All will be ok. I changed the location of the new freezer door and have it all installed.

When I got to work on Thursday, I had an email from Hans telling us we had to do manifests for FB2C, 2037 for Cleveland as well as the F100 things I was going to do Friday. I had to have it all complete before I left. It I had my free agency I would have walked out right then. What made things worse, I had to wait for pictures from Cleveland and I never received them.

When I came in on Friday, I still did not have the pictures. After talking with Hans, Cleveland was going to complete all the paperwork and all we had to do was check for errors. This made things much better and a nice finish to the week. I was able to get out at 3:30 and the weekend was looking good.

The weekend was great, no more drinking during the weekend and had plenty of time on my hands to work on Carrie’s desk but that did not happen because my right arm is hurting very badly today. I think it may be when I was working on the new freezer.

Another great weekend in the books. Three in a row now.