What is this about you may be asking. That is a question everyone in the Engineering department has been wondering about since the meeting was scheduled for the first week of January 2023 last November 2022.

The meeting has been postponed multiple times since then and was finally held on the 15th of February and this is a synopsis of the meeting:

It was pretty much a blow by blow of what Hans expects from us. Thinks like start times and end times, how long for lunch etc. Smoke breaks or breaks in general. He also mentioned things to the effect of two late days equals a full day late just stupid shit like that. What he doesn’t realize is that in order for him to set any kind of protocols like that it must be approved through HR.


It came from a very strange email. On February 6th, Monday, everyone received and email from our manager. We all were CC’d on the email, the email was to HR. In the email he requested a list of all of the engineering team member swipes for the previous week. That week was the week he was gone for some reason, maybe a class of some sort. In other words, he was checking on when we all arrived to work the week he was gone. This could be considered intimidation, in other words a form of workplace harassment. This would be illegal. I have since forwarded that email to home in case it happens to go missing.

This is also a Holiday. Presidents’ Day to be precise. Nice to have another three-day weekend.

Will not see another three-day weekend until the end of May, Veterans’ Day.


I think it was on YouTube when I was watching ‘The Nomadic Fanitic’. He was at Disney World, at the MM store and was trying to create his own M&M’s. The system was down at the time, but I went to the M&M website and was able to create these.

Pretty cool huh. They have already shipped and are set to arrive on the 8th of February. Wonder if I’ll let her open them. They also come in a gift container that looks like this.


I received an email from Chris with the information needed to have the inheritance distributed. I had to complete a form telling them my name SSN, phone and address including Dad’s SSN birth date and date of death. Write a signed letter letting them know the same information from the form. All this had to be sent to them with the death certificate and photos of my ID.

Rick sent his certified mail I sent mine regular mail because there is no hurry because reading the will it stated that the those of us who survive him by 60 days will receive the disbursements. This of course means we will not get anything for at least 60 days after his death. This would be 60 days after December 30th, 2022, or February 28th, 2023.

My concern at this point is after the 60 days and after we receive the check, what do I do with the money. It all depends on the amount. if it is under $10,000.00, I can deposit directly into my checking account in Tulsa, OK. If it is over that amount, I think I need to open an account here in Thomasville, GA then close my account in Tulsa. Opening up a Chase Checking and Savings account could be an option as well. Then it could be used across the US and I would not have to open a lot of accounts in different states.