I look at when the post is to be up and then I get anxious, unbelievably bad, thinking that she will be leaving in just a few weeks and must bring myself back to reality that the post is not posted quite yet.

I had my second review with Hans last week. Given the power outage fiasco and my one on one with him regarding attendance as being not as he wanted and accused me of not contacting him when I would be out (not true) I figured it would not go well. I was completely wrong. The review went very well and I’m even getting a 3% raise. I was quite shocked.

Other things we discussed led me to believe that I will be here for my second-year anniversary eliminating the need for me to repay the moving expenses when I decide to get out of here. Here being work, not necessarily Thomasville.

We are heading to Dollywood on Friday with a stopover halfway, so we aren’t driving for 8 hours. I’ll post pictures when we get back. We are looking forward to this trip very much.