Yes, a full months. Things have been going great.

We have a screen for the front door that we have not put up yet. We have new shower heads and Carrie put hers on that day but I have yet to do that. I seem to be too tired when I get home and that will stop now that our visitors have left from last weeks Kaizen.

We purchased an electric fireplace and mantel that has yet to be assembled as well as a desk for Carrie’s office. I need to purchase some lights for the deck again. I’ll do that this week.

We purchased some new furniture for the living room but that won’t be here for another couple of weeks. She probably will only be able to enjoy that for about a month.

Last week she started having some flares with her fibromyalgia, she is getting through it but I can tell she is hurting from it and there is nothing I can do. She will starting getting better I know. She doesn’t sleep in the same bed with me all night because she tosses and turns, thinking she will keep me awake she goes out the the couch for a bit. During the weekend when we go to bed late she sleeps all night with me which leads me to believe I go to bed too early for her during the week.

Enough for now. I am loving having her live here.

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