We are planning a trip to Dollywood. We will be renting a car so we don’t abuse Red (yes Carrie named the car). We will probably leave here on a Friday night and come back on a Sunday night and I’ll take the Monday off. We will see what the ticket prices are and trip time etc..

Carrie did have a little bit of a panic attack on Sunday. She took a shower and had music playing. When she got out of the shower I heard the music playing but also her crying. I walked in an she was in tears not knowing why. We believe it was because the door was closed and she felt shut in. Not really sure but she was ok the rest of the day.

We thought the refrigerator went out Sunday morning but by the end of the day figured out it was just the light bulb that was out.

All in all it was a great weekend even though we did nothing we wanted to do and ultimately did pretty much nothing but watch movies on Sunday. Get out is a good movie, a bit different than I thought and ‘The Trip’ was also pretty good.

I have to do a Kaizen this week for the FB2C Pratt long blades. This same week Pratt also scheduled a meeting regarding the audit the biginning of the year and our corrective action. This won’t be fun. I need to get as much of that complete or in progress before that meeting.

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