Hoping the house is ok is just because of all the problems she had before she left.

Yes the house is ok. If you couldn’t tell, I wrote that title before we found out that the water had been fixed. Below is what was done to fix the water.


As you can see from the picture it is not a professional fix and not a permanent one unless it is covered and taken care of. Those clamps ‘will’ rust, corrode and we will have another leak. Maybe not this year but could easily be two or three years. For now I’m confident it will be ok.

Getting to and from work has been great with Carrie getting up with me and taking me to work and picking me up in the afternoon. She has been trying other ways to get to work when picking me up and only got lost once.

Wednesday the car broke down. When Carrie go home she put up her driver side window and when she got out she noticed the drivers side rear window was down. When she put the key in to bring the window back up there seemed to be no power. She tried to start and nothing, no click, nothing. The remote door unlock would not even work. I assumed electrical and possibly dead battery. Daryl said it was a new battery so my thinking was maybe the alternator was bad and the battery had not been charged. When Daryl and his son came over to check things out they tried to jump the vehicle and it would not start but did turn over. They kept trying to start but it seemed like it was out of gas but Carrie just filled it up on Monday.

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