Last week Carrie had a flare of her fibromyalgia and I got to see it firsthand for the first time. It was not fun to see but I think we both learned that it isn’t something we can’t handle together. It lasted about four or five days and after that she was great.

We have decided to go to Dollywood for a few days. We will take a couple days to drive there, I think it is about an eight-hour drive so we will do it in two or three days. Stay for a couple in Dollywood and then head back for two or three days. Should be a great trip.


Yes, a full months. Things have been going great.

We have a screen for the front door that we have not put up yet. We have new shower heads and Carrie put hers on that day but I have yet to do that. I seem to be too tired when I get home and that will stop now that our visitors have left from last weeks Kaizen.

We purchased an electric fireplace and mantel that has yet to be assembled as well as a desk for Carrie’s office. I need to purchase some lights for the deck again. I’ll do that this week.

We purchased some new furniture for the living room but that won’t be here for another couple of weeks. She probably will only be able to enjoy that for about a month.

Last week she started having some flares with her fibromyalgia, she is getting through it but I can tell she is hurting from it and there is nothing I can do. She will starting getting better I know. She doesn’t sleep in the same bed with me all night because she tosses and turns, thinking she will keep me awake she goes out the the couch for a bit. During the weekend when we go to bed late she sleeps all night with me which leads me to believe I go to bed too early for her during the week.

Enough for now. I am loving having her live here.


We are planning a trip to Dollywood. We will be renting a car so we don’t abuse Red (yes Carrie named the car). We will probably leave here on a Friday night and come back on a Sunday night and I’ll take the Monday off. We will see what the ticket prices are and trip time etc..

Carrie did have a little bit of a panic attack on Sunday. She took a shower and had music playing. When she got out of the shower I heard the music playing but also her crying. I walked in an she was in tears not knowing why. We believe it was because the door was closed and she felt shut in. Not really sure but she was ok the rest of the day.

We thought the refrigerator went out Sunday morning but by the end of the day figured out it was just the light bulb that was out.

All in all it was a great weekend even though we did nothing we wanted to do and ultimately did pretty much nothing but watch movies on Sunday. Get out is a good movie, a bit different than I thought and ‘The Trip’ was also pretty good.

I have to do a Kaizen this week for the FB2C Pratt long blades. This same week Pratt also scheduled a meeting regarding the audit the biginning of the year and our corrective action. This won’t be fun. I need to get as much of that complete or in progress before that meeting.


Hoping the house is ok is just because of all the problems she had before she left.

Yes the house is ok. If you couldn’t tell, I wrote that title before we found out that the water had been fixed. Below is what was done to fix the water.


As you can see from the picture it is not a professional fix and not a permanent one unless it is covered and taken care of. Those clamps ‘will’ rust, corrode and we will have another leak. Maybe not this year but could easily be two or three years. For now I’m confident it will be ok.

Getting to and from work has been great with Carrie getting up with me and taking me to work and picking me up in the afternoon. She has been trying other ways to get to work when picking me up and only got lost once.

Wednesday the car broke down. When Carrie go home she put up her driver side window and when she got out she noticed the drivers side rear window was down. When she put the key in to bring the window back up there seemed to be no power. She tried to start and nothing, no click, nothing. The remote door unlock would not even work. I assumed electrical and possibly dead battery. Daryl said it was a new battery so my thinking was maybe the alternator was bad and the battery had not been charged. When Daryl and his son came over to check things out they tried to jump the vehicle and it would not start but did turn over. They kept trying to start but it seemed like it was out of gas but Carrie just filled it up on Monday.