Carrie arrived Thursday night at around 11:55pm. Daryl was able to take me and pick her up, we have the vehicle and were going to take a few trips to and form work to get used to the drive but I figured the drive was so easy she would not need to.

Now I must wait on pins and needles for some panic attacks to happen while I am at work or if she gets lost or something. I’m not anticipating anything like that, but you never know when it comes to her.

I love her so much and just want her to be happy.

This first weekend went very well and one thing that surprised me was that Ricky and Bill got the water back running last Friday and did not bother to tell anybody. Carrie was on the phone chatting with Debbie and Bill last night and she asked how the water issue was going since they were using her neighbor’s water. Well, Bill said ‘Didn’t Ricky tell you? We got the water running last Friday. When he called on Friday or Saturday, he wasn’t in such a good mood anyway and probably just forgot.

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