No, not tomorrow evening, Thursday evening. I keep thinking the 13th.

I will be picking up Carrie Thursday evening. I can’t wait! Yep Thursday evening. We will be picking her up from the airport around 11:50pm and then on home. I am taking Friday off so we have the first three days together. Much easier for her to get used to.

I talked to Daryl on Friday and it seems like he may not take me to the airport to pickup up Carrie. It seems this condition he has has taken a toll on him. He may set us up with Marshal or if he can’t do that he said he may have to stay in bed all day in order to take me to the airport.

He sounds good but he may not feel up to things anymore and who knows this also may have mentally taken it’s toll. That could have even worse ramifications when you think about it. If mentally he starts to decline that could take the body with him.

Time for some prayers.