She has been taking me to work and picking me up in the afternoon. When she gets home in the morning she has been going back to sleep for a bit and that is not unusual. When she was here the last time she would go back to bed when I left and get up after a few hours so that is going back to our normal.

By Thursday she was going out shopping during the day for a bit and then leave from the stores to come pick me up and she even came to pick me up a different way than she ever had driven before. She did get lost twice, realized it and turned around. She will get used to driving around and then probably watch out for even more adventuring.

I now have to find time to work on my course work and practice. I now need to take come courses that are comprised of practice tasks and assignments to complete.

She had a nightmare Saturday morning while she was sleeping in around 9:45am. She started screaming in her sleep and scared the crap out of me. Turned out to be nothing involving Neil or the like. Just a weird nightmare involving her pets.

We also purchased a dual recliner set with a console in the middle for snacks and soda’s, a love seat and an electric fireplace with mantle. We will put the fire place against the large blank wall across from the dinning room, put the existing couch in the guest room to make room for the recliners and loveseat.


Carrie arrived Thursday night at around 11:55pm. Daryl was able to take me and pick her up, we have the vehicle and were going to take a few trips to and form work to get used to the drive but I figured the drive was so easy she would not need to.

Now I must wait on pins and needles for some panic attacks to happen while I am at work or if she gets lost or something. I’m not anticipating anything like that, but you never know when it comes to her.

I love her so much and just want her to be happy.

This first weekend went very well and one thing that surprised me was that Ricky and Bill got the water back running last Friday and did not bother to tell anybody. Carrie was on the phone chatting with Debbie and Bill last night and she asked how the water issue was going since they were using her neighbor’s water. Well, Bill said ‘Didn’t Ricky tell you? We got the water running last Friday. When he called on Friday or Saturday, he wasn’t in such a good mood anyway and probably just forgot.


No, not tomorrow evening, Thursday evening. I keep thinking the 13th.

I will be picking up Carrie Thursday evening. I can’t wait! Yep Thursday evening. We will be picking her up from the airport around 11:50pm and then on home. I am taking Friday off so we have the first three days together. Much easier for her to get used to.

I talked to Daryl on Friday and it seems like he may not take me to the airport to pickup up Carrie. It seems this condition he has has taken a toll on him. He may set us up with Marshal or if he can’t do that he said he may have to stay in bed all day in order to take me to the airport.

He sounds good but he may not feel up to things anymore and who knows this also may have mentally taken it’s toll. That could have even worse ramifications when you think about it. If mentally he starts to decline that could take the body with him.

Time for some prayers.


You heard that correct. Carrie will be arriving in nine days.

I’m not sure why but I keep thinking Carrie will be here on the 13th of September but the actual date is the 15th of September. I think I kept thinking the 13th is because she will be leaving on the 13th of December to go home. That makes it 10 days. That tenth day will almost be the 11th day because she will be arriving around midnight of the 15th. On the plus side, I get to have the 16th through the 18th off.

This is going to be a good test to see if we can live together for a long period of time. I’m pretty sure it will be great but it is a necessary test. The last test was for five weeks and everything went wonderfully. No problems or issues. I think what will be telling is if she can be away from her family for that long.

In any case I am looking forward to her being here so badly. Now it is time to start getting ready. Clean different areas each day so by the time she it here all will be ready. I can easily to small things during the week each day and a big portion will be taken care of this weekend. Mainly things like cleaning the tubs and toilets.