Get ready for Carries arrival. I want everything to be perfect for her when she gets here.

I started this weekend on the kitchen, laundry room, guest room, main bathroom and deck. That may sound like a lot but each one by themselves did not take too much time. The longest one was the guest room. Picking up all the little items I had dumped out of bags and boxes looking for packed items. The deck just needed a little sweeping, taking down cob webs and cleaning up the barbeque, barbeque table top and bar top. Just a bit of ‘making things look nice’.

What will take the most time will be the dinning room. I need to get the pictures on the walls. Getting them up won’t be that much trouble but figuring out what picture will go where will be the tough part.

The kitchen will also be a pain in the ass. Cleaning won’t be that much trouble but keeping it clean will be. I will just need to clean up after each and every spill as it happens.

Daryl was trying to tell me he wasn’t going to drive me to work anymore but after a bit of talking I think we wanted a break but when Joe is ready for a break Daryl will be ready to take over. I asked about taking me down to Tallahassee to pick up Carrie and he was very stern in saying that he will be taking me down to pick her up.

Here is the list I have been making to get things ready.

  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen Floors (Swiffer)
  • Entryway Floor (Swiffer)
  • Laundry Room
  • Dining Room
  • Guest Room
  • Hall Closet
  • Main Bathroom
  • Master Bed Room
  • Master Bed Room Closet
  • Master Bathroom

I’ll also have to stock up on some snacks and soda before she gets here.