September 13th she will be on her way for three months!

I had a great birthday. Did not have tons of phone calls, only posts on LinkedIn and Facebook. Chris sent a meal from King Claw Juicy Seafood & Bar. She had the King Claw Boil sent. It was great! Very messy to eat but great. I think next time I have something ordered from there I’ll get an item that does not have crab legs or substitute them. Crab legs are good but the flavor is not worth the trouble to eat. The shrimp, eggs potato’s and sausage were out of this world. I slept very good that night.

Only thing, no calls from Rick, Tyra or Dad. Three of the people that ALWAYS call on my birthday.

I also received all of my vitamin supplements as well. The Super Beet gummies are good stuff. I noticed the next day that taking my vitamins again really boosts my energy in the morning. I never really paid all that much attention to it but it sure does.

As a birthday present I ordered a new laptop computer. It is refurbished but has 32gb of ram a 512gb NVME SSD and I can add my 2tb SATA SSD that has been sitting on my coffee table for the last 6 months or so collecting dust. It will be a very good work horse for quite some time. I did that to replace a computer that I will be giving to Carrie when she gets here which as the title says is now less than a month away. Btw, the computer only cost me $421.00, dirt cheap for what I am getting.

Tomorrow is my one year anniversary here at Whitcraft in Thomasville, GA. It has been bumpy but I’m not going to complain all that much. I have had a job for the last year that has paid me well. I will say I took advantage of some of the perks at first but we are all working together now. Things at Whitcraft are still seriously screwed up in the change department and nothing will fix that until the change process is changed.