Yep, Wednesday is my birthday. In the middle of the week and that sucks. No three day weekend for me this year. I usually take my birthday off but working here I have decided to NOT let everyone know it is my birthday and just celebrate Wednesday evening with Carrie.

Last week I had an epiphany. There are times when I wake up and am open to the evil one, in other words Satan entering my head. I think it is always there waiting for the invitation to come out and cause some serious harm. To me, anyone I love or my life situation just because he can. This happened last week when I stayed home Monday through Wednesday with COVID. I was sick to my stomach all day Monday through Tuesday afternoon and did not feel better until I realized exactly what had happened and let Satan into my head and take over. When that was realized is when I started feeling better, get my bible reading over with which made feel really good and then headed to work Thursday morning. It ended up being a fantastic week. Including the following weekend.