Most interns last day was Friday, July 29th. The last to leave will be Daniel Bolden. All have been very smart with some at the beginning really trying to steal the spot light from other. It was interesting to watch the dynamics between all of them. The most interesting thing to watch from an experienced Manufacturing Engineer’s perspective is how they each go about solving problems or attacking a task they were given.

Some would dive in with both feet and figure out their own way to accomplish the task assigned after some training if it was required. Actually all would just in with both feet and sink or swim with none of them actually sinking they all did well in their own ways. There was one that would go to the nth degree in his tasks and at times make things much more complicated than they needed to me. This one was also the most intellectual of all of them. All except one was trying to impress Hans every step of the way and was good but only because Hans likes to have his ego stroked. He needs to believe you respect him and not because he is a person deserving respect but because he a manager requiring respect. Two different things, one being a good outlook on yourself and the latter not so good.

The intern I was working with the most was it a completely different category and was not really trying to impress anybody. He was here to learn and that he did and did well. He actually working Manufacturing Engineering tasks and conquered the paperwork battle very well. He sent me his resume last Friday to look through and give him some advise. I think he will be applying for a position here when he graduates.

A large number of people at work have been coming down with COVID-19. One of our engineers was out for almost 2 months total time with it. Another ~10 in the factory, management and quality engineering. All of which I was exposed to prior to them being out for a week. Last week Daryl was away for a little vacation and I was taken to work and picked up by Joseph. Monday he wasn’t feeling well and by Tuesday he was COVID-19 positive. He still took me to work and home every day. Thursday I was not feeling well at all with cold sweats slight headache and couldn’t eat our free lunch. When I got home I took a test and was negative. I took it again Friday morning before work and was still negative. I’m starting to think that when I was very sick January of 2020 after getting home from Seattle I had COVID-19 then. After that plus getting the two shots, the second of which really knocked me down I think gave me the antibodies needed. With that being said, being sick with it January of 2020 gave me the immunity with the vaccine in March and April of 2021 were actually two booster shots.

One can only hope.

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