Yep, haven’t missed a Monday this year. With my posting methods I don’t expect to miss a single Monday.

The other streak I want to keep going is not having to call out sick since the 7th of April. As of today that will be three and a half months. Any days I plan on taking off will not count and must be requested at least one week in advance, preferably two weeks.

When the interns first arrived and I had to work with them I was a little upset. They took up time that I did not have to train etc.. After the summer with them it is time for them to leave and a couple of them have actually been very good. One of them worked with me and the others worked for other people but did interact with me once in a while. We had one that will not be mentioned by name that went out of his way it seemed to try and steal the thunder from others. Sucking up to management etc..

One of them was here because we interviewed him at the job fair at Florida State, had him come as an intern then interviewed again. Offered him a job and he left early for Lockheed at a NASA facility. Funny thing here is I know he had all that planned because working at a NASA facility would require security clearances which take time. He more than likely had all that lined up before I started here as an intern but used the extra time after school to make some money and get some working experience. Good for him, he was one of the good ones.

Looks like Prosley, the Intern working for me wants to apply for a job here after he graduates. I think he would be a good fit and this would be an excellent first job out of college.

The last few weeks have been absolutely fantastic. I have been getting things done that need to be done. Very close to getting the model Justin wants me to work on complete. That has taken quite a bit of time because I had never worked with Siemens NX before and had to learn for myself both the modeling aspect, drawing creation and the assembly of components. It was a long hard bit of work but well worth it. Should allow me opportunities at other locations in the future.

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