Yes I have been here almost a year now. I won’t jinx it but my one year anniversary will be in one month. Yes it is true that Hans did have a conversation with me concerning my attendance but I think there were some misunderstandings there. But he did say some things that were not true like telling me it was not acceptable to tell him I would not be there with a text. This would be 100% BS because everyone else does it. He also stated I was out and did not call in a couple weeks before that which is complete bull crap. I have never not called in when I was not going to be there. I have to stop talking about that conversation because all it does is piss me off.

Karma… Hans called in sick the Tuesday after the fourth of July weekend and then again the following Monday and he told me it was hard for him to believe I was sick the day after weekends. Karma is a bitch. Edit: When Hans did come in he all of sudden like has about 12 stiches above he right eye. Sick Hans? I think not but I’m not going to ask.

With all that said. After my two years is up the likelihood that I will stay much longer is just about zero. By that time I will have been missing Carrie so much that the thought of not being with her will be too much for me to handle. By that time I should have started to get familiar with CNC machining and probably liking it but I’m not sure that will be enough to keep me here.

COVID-19 seems to be on the rise again. People here at work for the last couple of weeks have been dropping like flies or moths around a bug zapper.

There were a couple people on the floor that tested positive but came back to work after only a couple of days which I thought was a little strange.

Three weeks ago one of our engineering was out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and all of the next week. The following week he was in but then the next week he was out again. He came back last Monday but was told to leave because he still had a temperature. He also sounded like crap. He had a mask on but that really doesn’t matter when you are coughing like he was. I hope he did not spread too much around.

The week before last Daniel Oaks tested positive and was out for the remainder of the week and Monday as well. The rules are, if you test positive (you don’t need to show proof) you must stay home for five days and the five days start the day after you tested positive. After that you can come back to work as long as you are not presenting any symptoms or fever and not using medication to prevent from showing symptoms.

I purchased a thermometer for checking my temperature if I happen to fall to this persistent bug. I know when Carrie was sick a few weeks ago she was miserable for at least four days.

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