Why the title? We were given an extra day for the 4th of July holiday. Yes, we had a four day weekend last week. It was great!

We had the 20th of June off for Juneteenth. The next week was a four day week, nice, then had a two day weekend followed by another four day week because we had the first of July off, very nice. Then we had a four day weekend with the first and fourth of July off, even nicer and followed that up with a four day week. All in all, very sweet middle of the year here in Thomasville.

In Tulsa the fireworks started about the first with a few going off and by the fourth it was almost a war zone. Depending on the weather but usually a lot of fireworks were going off. They usually stopped by the evening of the fifth. Here in Thomasville there were hardly any going off before the fourth. I might have heard four of five pops go off. On the fourth the city put on a show right behind my apartment and it was freaking loud! The end of the show was the loudest fireworks I have heard going off in a long time. It started about 9:20pm when it was dark and ended about 45 minutes later. I might go watch it next year. I could walk there is less than 10 minutes five if I could cut through the green belt but there is a fence there.

All in all a great fourth of July weekend.

Oh, did I mention that Carrie and I announced our engagement? Yep on the 2nd of July we announced it to the world. We got one heck of a response.

Dad went in the hospital on Saturday the 9th. Chris sent a message out to Me, Diane and Tyra that said “Left dad at hospital, they did a scan didn’t have results yet but said he’d probably be spending the night so I am on my way home. Hospital said they’d call me with an update.” That is the exact message and said nothing about why he went to the hospital.

Between then and now, Monday morning there wasn’t any new information other than his tests were coming back negative. He called me Sunday evening and sounded good but tired and said he would probably be going home tomorrow (Monday, today)

Aunt Marion and her partner apparently had a fall the morning of June 29th and she is not doing well. They have both been in the hospital since then. She can’t take much water except by spoon or sponge and does not want to eat or do therapy. They have moved her to an assisted care facility including hospice her late stages of Alzheimer’s is making her confused with all new faces around. Jack her partner is also not doing well.

As I didn’t know this information regarding Marion, most of the posts about her and Jack are paraphrases from Kris on Facebook. As of today Kris’s posts said Marion doesn’t seem to remember Jack.

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