Wee are looking at a new 30yr fixed mortgage for the house in Auburn, WA because Carries current loan is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) and with the current interest rates going up we need to lock it into a consistent rate for the foreseeable future.

Enter the new information the loan company told us about. A reverse mortgage. I’m not totally sure as to what this is but in essence a mortgage is taken out and our payments are nothing. Yes, that is what I said, the payments are nothing. This would in effect give her an additional 1,600.00 per months to use for travel or any other bills and then when I retire and get my social security we will be making pretty solid money for our retirement together.

Since she could do this when she is 62, next year then my retirement could conceivably start next year as well. Leave here after my two years, not owe them for my moving expenses and be retired with the love of my life in a little over a year. That sure sounds fantastic.


I just looked at the calendar and I see we have five paydays in July. I love it when that happens. Now that Angie is no longer an influence This will be an additional 2,239.00 I can put into savings. This next month will look fantastic.

If things work as I anticipate I will be able to use that money to pay for Carries vehicle and not influence our additional savings.

Update: We are not purchasing a vehicle for Carrie when she is here, Daryl is going to rent the Explorer to us for $100.00 per week while she is here and she will be driving me to work and picking me up. This will allow us to put that additional money into savings and also save a little on the trips to and from work.

Also, today is Juneteenth or something like that and we actually get this day off. Strange as it may sound but yep.

What is Juneteenth? Well I wondered the same thing and this is what I found.

“Juneteenth is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African-Americans. It is also often observed for celebrating African-American culture. Originating in Galveston, Texas, it has been celebrated annually on June 19 in various parts of the United States since 1865.

It just became a federal holiday June 17, 2021. No wonder I had never heard of it. I wonder what they took away from the employees at the bank I used to work for when they introduced this new holiday. If they do I’m sure it would seriously piss some people off. When they introduced Martin Luther King Jr. day as a federal holiday the bank where I worked then took away our birthday holiday instead of added the additional day off. With the possibility of being labeled racist why the hell are we adding all these holidays for other races and taking others away????

I love surprise three day weekends!


Time sure flies. I is the second week of the month of June with the year being almost half over.

Work has been fantastic. When I put my heart into it and work like I used to when I was at The Boeing Co. and of course, my favorite, Gulfstream years ago it is fun.

Also, to be mentioned is the student version of NX I was able to obtain, learn and have a great time with. This program is the same as the version we are using at work and has a perpetual license. It is also fun to learn. I purchased three books, one on the use of the program, two two hundred exercises on part modeling and the third with exercises on assemblies. These totaled just over 90.00 dollars and are well worth it. I am also using these books to make parts in all my other modeling packages.