Yes I stumbled very badly a week ago. I did not miss any work but when I went in I was not in tip top shape. I was very hung over but managed to get in before 8:00am, missed the morning 7:30 meeting but that isn’t much. I can fix this and I will. Having Carrie proud is of the highest importance to me.

When she came out here it did not take long for me to realize how much I love her. I knew it when we first met but when you are young like that the feeling seemed strange, particularly since I saw her for about two or three minutes and I already knew that I loved her.

Last week I gave one of my reports on the tooling audit Pratt & Whitney did regarding our US Government Owned tools and Hans told me I was going to own that. This made my day because it is exactly what I wanted to do. I do enjoy tooling and like fixing those type of problems. This will be fun!

Now time has passed. I would call her a few times a year and we would talk for a very long time each time. That was before her husband took his own life. After that happened I did not speak to her for quite a few months. Not until Larry told me that Carrie wants me to call her, now. It took me a few days, Larry had to keep telling me but when I called her and we talked she explained what had happened that he had done in front of her. This really pissed me off.

I called her on and off for the next couple of years and every time, before she would hang up she would say those fateful words “I love you”. She had never known how I felt and would say the same back but she did not know that when I said it I meant something completely different.

On Christmas eve on 2020 I call her knowing I needed to talk to her. I was feeling depressed because of my job (lack of) and everything. I don’t completely remember the conversation but a the end she knew I wanted to tell her something. She pestered me into it and I ended up telling her that I loved her and had since the day I first saw her. Needless to say she was in shock.

After that initial shock it did not take long for her to cling on tight and fall in love with me. It has been a wonderful God sent trip ever since.

We have also dedicated the Rascal Flatts song “Bless The Broken Road” as our song.

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