The one thing I have noticed with Carrie gone is I have more time to get some of my learning (Programming, Modeling (Blender), Modeling (Engineering) accomplished. New toy to purchase soon will be a 3D printer. Then start selling models for 3D printing. Could become a new hobby.

The new posting process I referred to is to create multiple posts and schedule them for future posting. This way I will be able to go through the entire year without missing a post on Monday. Last year was quite good and only missed four or five.


This week has been very hard.

I wrote that two weeks before she left and the statement is so very true.

We both were sick Tuesday and Wednesday, me on Wednesday more than her. At first I thought it was the Chili from the night before but I had another bowl Wednesday for dinner and I was fine. I woke up late on Thursday but that was because I was up almost the entire night with Tornado warnings and sirens going off on my phone. There was a lot of them going off, not just a tornado watch but a warning. Those are the most severe and when you get one of those it means the threat is real and to take cover.

I spent the rest of the week cleaning up the apartment and getting the counter tops cleaned off. They got pretty messy for my tastes while she was here but we had so much going on. She did not like me doing all the dishes after dinner but that is just me.


Today is Carrie’s last day. This has been the best month of my life. With Carrie here and living with me it has been like we were never apart.

Because it was her last day I stayed home today in order to spend as much time with her as I could.

We watched movies and we had the chili she had made the day before along with steamed asparagus which was awesome! All I can say about the last five weeks with her is that it has been the move perfect of times. I don’t know any other way to describe the feelings I have for her.