Carrie’s vacation has been so good for her. He has had very few flair ups with her Fibro, and her hands don’t act up as much at all. In the last four weeks she has had only two panic attacks and both of those were easy to talk her down from.

She is enjoying shopping very much but we have much too much candy and cookies around the apartment.

Weight his coming off but this week it took a break, meaning I didn’t loose any weight or gain any. I just remained steady at 268 – 269 pounds which equates to a 23 – 24 pound weight loss. This is good but I need those pounds to keep coming off.

Next week is her last week here and I want to make the most of it. I will be missing her so much after she leaves. This weekend and all of next week I will be trying to get as much video footage as I can of her.

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