This last week was great. No panic attacks at all and she seems to be having a great time.

On Tuesday she went to the Thomasville Library to see a professor talk about join issues and the treatment of them using alternative medicine and she had a great time. Then we walked around the town for a little while until Daryl came and picked us up.

We also walked over to Publix on Saturday for a little exercise and see what type of walk it was and how far. It was a very easy walk and that store is remarkable. Clean and their meats were wonderful. It was storming pretty hard and Daryl came over and brought us home. He was close by and it was raining pretty freaking hard.

Sunday we took another trip to Publix and spent a good two hours shopping and picked up a lot of things. I’ll be doing this quite a bit in the future because having all the stuff we purchased delivered would have cost an arm and a leg and would not have been able to place it on EBT.

Her visit here has been everything I ever hoped being with her would be and so much more. I experienced a little of what I can expect when she leaves on Sunday. She was wearing a little black skirt and was twirling around and I told her how it flared out and looked nice. She did it again and I took a video of her twirling and afterwards when she was outside coloring I looked at the video and started crying. As I type this I started crying again. It’s the only things I will have when she leaves in two weeks. But, think about that. She is still here for another two weeks.

I love her so very much.

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