The first two weeks, two weeks after tomorrow have gone fantastic. We have had only one hiccup and that was last Tuesday when she woke up after only sleeping an hour and was crying. She did not know why and ended up getting out of bed and going to the couch for a bit. She at times will toss and turn when we first go to bed and will get up because she does not want to wake me and I keep telling her she won’t but she keeps doing it. I’ll learn to live with this because I love her so very much.

We went to first Friday here in Thomasville and had a great time. Stopped at multiple shops and bought some great treats we have been munching on for the last week. We did some shots of Fireball before we left and the evening ended with dinner at the Bistro in the Marriott Hotel where I was living for the first two months.

Back to that crying bit. When she got up for the day she was having a lot of anxiety and needed to talk to Cat and Ricky for a bit. They calmed her down to a point but when I got home we worked through her problem and she took some medication. I/we don’t like her to take those but we limited it to 1/2 a pill and that seemed to work great. Since then everything has been great.

We have been doing a lot of shopping to make this apartment a home away from home for her and I think things are looking really good and she is liking it even though it is costing money.

I’m pretty sure she is going to be doing really well for the rest of her time here and I will not be very happy when she leaves. As a matter of fact I will hate it and most likely be crying a bit when she does.

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