Carrie missed her flight from Seattle. She was devastated and didn’t think she would get here.

Let’s start from the beginning . I asked her the night before if she was packed. She said she had everything ready and just needed to close the suitcases when she was ready to go in the morning. Things were not ready enough and she needed to switch things up and have two checked bags. Trying to pack at the last minute when you are not ready with the addition of not having travelled much (three times) she ended up forgetting a lot.

At the airport she checked in curbside which is fine but something I never do and was asked if she wanted a wheelchair. She said yes and they took her through security and onto the gate, which was great. Now things started to go sideways. She needed to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom she took some pictures, sent them to me, and finished. When she left the bathroom, she decided she wanted some cash, so she went to the ATM and after that turned around and the gate was empty. They had already boarded the plane and the aircraft had pushed back and left. This all stems from the fact she didn’t know the plane started boarding 30 minutes prior to departure and the doors shut 15 minutes after that. She went to the gate and asked if they had boarded yet and was told that the plane had left. She immediately started crying and needed to call me. Thank God the Delta personnel was there and took control of the mistake and reticketed her for other flights. This meant she had a couple more hours in Seattle, a five plus hour layover in Atlanta and would arrive in Tallahassee at midnight giving me lots of time before Daryl and I had to pick her up.

She was escorted to the new gate via wheelchair in Seattle and was met at the gate by a Delta employee in Atlanta waiting to take her to the next gate. After missing her flight in Seattle there was no way she was going to drink or eat anything and just stay put at the gate until her flight which is over four hours away. I called her after she arrived in Atlanta and after talking to her for a bit asked if her gate had changed because they frequently do. When she made the inquiry, her gate had in fact changed and the Delta personnel were upset that she had been left there for so long and wasn’t taken to the new gate. This was resolved and I got off the phone with her because I was about to leave and pick her up.

To finish, her flight arrived at 11:36 and by 11:50 she was letting me know she had her bags and was outside waiting. I had told her to text me when she arrived so I could meet her at baggage claim, but things were happening fast. I found her immediately putting her luggage in the car, stopped so she could go to the bathroom along with Daryl and then on to Whataburger where she got a chicken sandwich meal. Remarking that the sandwich was too big, and I could have some. She finished the fries and the sandwich, obviously she was hungry.

We arrived home at 1:00am on Wednesday morning and didn’t get to sleep till about 6:30am. We were both up by 1:00pm doing nothing for the rest of the day. Ordered pizza for dinner and went to bed at 9:00pm.

It was a remarkably busy day for her, and everything worked out perfectly. The road is no longer broken.

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