New job and travel

Started the trip to Thomasville, GA for the new job on Saturday and within a couple hours I had to head back home because of the flight delays into Dallas.

Sunday I tried again. This time the flight to Dallas went off without a hitch but the flight to Tallahassee, FL was delayed:

  1. The arriving plane was late
  2. The cleaning crew damaged the aisle exit lights and the plane could not leave in that condition.

I was the last to board the aircraft. This was because when they notified us of the maintenance issue I found a spot to turn on the computer and check some email and just happened to look over and see people boarding. I did not hear them call for boarding. I was in fact the last person to board.

Arrival in Tallahassee should have gone smooth but my bags arrived the day before and the American Airlines app said my bags were with Baggage services. The were closed and would not be there until our plane’s baggage unloading was complete. I guess they didn’t think all the bags in their little room would not require people to retrieve ‘before’ the current plane’s baggage was unloaded. After30+ minutes she finally showed up and lo and behold my bags were not there. They were at the main baggage lock-up. I just asked her to deliver my bags to the hotel.

I proceeded to get a taxi and travel to the hotel in Thomasville, GA. I arrive at the hotel at 1:30am Monday morning and I am to start work in 7hrs.

The hotel/room is nothing to write home about and while I was on the phone with Carrie a roach was walking across the dresser right toward me. I decided right then and there I’m not staying in the room and Carrie sure and heck is not.

I got up the next morning trying to find Uber, nothing; all cabs I had found around the area to use, nothing. I was tired and made arrangements to start Tuesday, maybe my bags would have arrived and I could change.

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