offer has been accepted

Offer from Whitcraft has been accepted. I had sent an email to Travis about the job and Triumph but had no response, so I called him. He told me HR had concerns he was jumping the gun in not wanting to interviewing other candidates before hiring me. I told him I had an offer and to forget about me and interview others, turning down Triumph for Whitcraft. I’m good with the decision and the time has come to start the move to Thomasville, GA.

After I accepted the offer, I received an email from ADP for setting up my employee account. For such a small company they are very automated in their processes. This onboarding was amazingly easy and straight forward. W4, I9 and direct deposit information all complete. Time to start packing and get the movers on board. I’ll start checking out apartments this week as well. The movers will need an address.

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