I had an in-person interview

I had an interview with the Engineering Manager for Whitcraft group a few weeks ago via Zoom and was asked to travel out there for a site visit and more interviews a week ago. Things went well and last week (the week I forgot to post) I received a notice from their HR representative informing me he had received great feedback from the visit and would be sending me a formal offer of employment. This I have not received yet but did receive an email asking for permission to complete a background check. This is good news to say the least.

The same day I left for the trip I had a phone call from Travis Magee at Triumph asking me if I would be interested in a Sr. Analyst position with him. Conversations with him have gone very well and this could translate into a remote position with Triumph and eventually a move back to Dallas. I am hoping very much for the Triumph job because it would not require an immediate move and I could head up to Seattle to see Carrie.

Angie put in an application for HUD, was accepted and then picked out a place last week not thinking how she would be paying for it. She thought it would be around 150.00 per month but it has turned out to be around 400.00. She is thinking I am going to help her to pay for it. When I told her no last week, she started threatening suicide. She came to her senses and called me the next day telling me that she would not hurt her family like that and that she would not be talking to me anymore. That lasted about 5 minutes; seriously. She has not stopped calling me thinking I will change my mind. She does not get the fact I do not have an income at this time and will not give her 1000.00 plus to pay for the down payment, get her car legal etcetera, etcetera. Today she was still under the impression that I would change my mind and when I told her under no circumstances would I give her the money she broke down and started bawling and did not stop until her phone died. When I call her in the morning to get her up for work, I’m sure she will expect me to have changed my mind. I will fill you in later.

Start praying for these jobs, I certanly am.

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