back to Alabama?

Yes, that title is correct. I applied for many jobs last week, some in CA but five jobs were for GKN with two of them being manufacturing engineers in Tallassee, AL. Yep, the same place I worked when 9-11 happened. I am a perfect fit for both jobs because I created many of their work instructions for multiple programs and I started their MRB system down there in Alabama and updated and created new procedures in St. Louis GKN for expediting their MRB process. I would love to go back to GKN in Alabama.

Angie has done something that is not so smart again. She applied for HUD assistance and found an apartment for herself yesterday (Sunday 6/13/2021). With changing how she is paid (her bank rather than the cash card from her job shop) she cannot perform here agreement with me to pay me back the loan she received. Additionally, when she moves to her apartment, she will hardly be able to make insurance or car payments which means she has made the decision to forget the money she owes me. This is a deal breaker, and I will leave. I will give her a month to get a new phone and then get rid of that number off my bill and try and cancel the internet.