Best week yet

Last week was the best week yet for applying for jobs but I did not hear much back. I am going to start applying for at least 15 jobs per week from now on and any more than that will be icing on the cake.

The ingenuity drone on mars has flown two additional times since the first flight last Monday and is doing fantastic.

first flight on mars

Ingenuity has made the first powered controlled flight on the planet Mars! I watched history live on YouTube.

First flights:

  1. Kittyhawk: 1903
  2. Mars: 2021
Ingenuity Shadow
Ingenuity Hover Shadow
Ingenuity Hovering shown from Perseverance
Ingenuity Hover From Perseverance

It looks like my unemployment has run out, no warning is strange and no ability to file a weekly claim. I hope that part is a glitch. Now time to look at getting some of my retirement money. I still have about 3 months of money left so keep praying one or more of the jobs I have applied for come through.

I made it past hr!

For the first time I think I have made it past the HR computer scanners and will be evaluated by a human.

On Tuesday I received an email from one of the places I applied and one job which I very much want to do for this company. The email read as follows:

Dear Michael,

Your application for the Operations Engineer I – Tulsa, OK position (164390) has been forwarded for further consideration.

This means I made it past the HR pukes and a real human will be evaluating me for this job! I am extremely excited with this.

New week, a lot of contacts

Late last week I applied for what I thought were a couple of good jobs that lead to other job search sites. After filling out forms, sending resume’s including playing a fun game showing how you perform your work my inbox has been overflowing with jobs. This morning (Monday) I had to start organizing my inbox so I could keep track of those jobs I responded to, those I did not and those jobs I applied for. This is going to be a remarkably busy job-hunting week. I am extremely excited.