No response from interview yet

As the title says, I have not heard back from Houston yet.

I feel this may have been a good thing. I really did not think I would be a good fit there and given they said they would contact me early the next week and I did not I question their ability to commit. A phone call only takes five minutes.

first interview

I had my first interview last Friday. It went ok but I’m not sure if I am a fit. They are looking for someone that has more of a machining background than I have. I like that fact it is a small company with approximately 200 people. Everyone will know everyone. This could be a good thing or a bad think. The gentile men I spoke with were all extremely easy to talk to and seemed quite nice.

I registered for and Ziprecruiter. Both sites are continually active, and I am getting jobs flowed down to me almost hourly.

Finances are ok but people I loaned money to seem to have forgotten that I am expecting to be paid back. Total now is 2,790.00 with no payment that I can foresee.

New Bank Account

When transferring money from the unemployment account to my netspend account I was experiencing problems. It was because it is essentially a prepaid debit card, and it just would not work. Last week I opened a new checking account at a ‘real’ bank. This should make things easier. I was going to change my automatic payments to my credit cards and pay those off with the unemployment card and I found out that can’t happen. You can only make payments on credit cards with a bank account and not a debit card.

Jobs are starting to post

It is now March of 2021 and jobs are now starting to post. I was put in for a job in Houston, TX last week and hopefully get and interview. I will be putting in for an interview in Mojave, CA this week. Crossing fingers. All jobs are Manufacturing Engineering jobs.

Forgot, I also have another Manufacturing Engineering, Composite’s job I will be applying for this week in Denver, CO.

I am stilling hoping for a job at Spirit AeroSystems here in Tulsa, OK or the American Airlines job I applied for a couple of weeks ago. Those would be perfect.

Additionally, the Houston job could include a moving allowance (That would be necessary).

first miss of the year

Yes, I missed a post yesterday. Spent too much time looking at jobs and what might be wrong with my resume’ preventing me from getting jobs. I also did not look at my task list for yesterday which was the problem, the other was an excuse.

Today’s actions will be updating my resume’ again. There are a few things I need to do. This may take all day or just a few hours. In either case it needs to be done.