Companies do not acknowledge your applications

I have found during this trying time of applying for new jobs is companies, for the most, part do not acknowledge that fact you have applied for a job at thier company. There seems to be zero back and forth communication. You don’t know they received your resume or cover letter and the worst possible situation you have no idea about any decisions they may have made. I will point out a couple that have communicated.

  1. The Boeing Company
  2. LMI

That would be the only companies that has provided any communication regarding job applications.

After that little vent, here is a quick render of some quick textures I have created for the Modular Dungeon Maze. I did truly little UV mapping, only to size the bricks equally (by eye) from the Roof to the walls.

Quick Pillar Texture
Very little UV mapping, only to the extent of sizing the bricks between the roof and wall. Render engine if Eevee.