Oklahoma job match came through

I received a Manufacturing Engineering job from OKJobmatch.com this past week and it looks like the perfect match. I am missing the degree and the preferred Oil and Gas experience, but I have all other qualifications as well as other preferred qualifications such as advanced Microsoft software aptitude and being an SAP subject matter expert, I hope will get me the job. I know Oil and Gas is at times just as volatile as the aircraft industry I would love this opportunity. I updated my resume to match and highlight the qualifications I have and applied.

Another job sent to me was for a Process Engineer at Ducommun and when it comes to a degree there was no requirement, just a preference. Along with the resume update I also created a cover letter I can easily revise for each job I apply for. I hope I find some on a very consistent basis and can finally get some income coming in.

I’ll be praying and possibly crossing my fingers!

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