While looking for jobs, other activities

While looking for jobs I have also been learning Python scripting as well as working in Blender again. Below is a picture of some dungeon pieces with will piping I was working on.

Creating the pieces straight, curved etc. was at first a challenge, but I have been working with Blender so long soon I was clicking way and things were coming together. The instructor was using techniques much slower and less precise than mine. I thought this was strange because precision is particularly important in this project.

As I work, I’ll post updates to these pictures.

Dungeon with pipes less material and textures
Materials added.

It is officially the holiday season and do not expect any phone calls from business or recruiters about jobs for at least a week. I still must do my job searches for unemployment. I am really hoping for the jobs I applied for at L3 or Ducommun here in Tulsa.

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